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Hulk Hogan Controversy: Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE at A Controversial Show in Saudi Arabia!

In general, Friday is an excellent day to bury bad news, and when an already highly inflamed controversy is added to the mix, there is no better moment to bring Hulk Hogan back into the picture.

Following the disclosure of his use of racial words in a court transcript in July of 2015, The Hulkster was fired from WWE and deprived of his ‘Legends’ status in the company.

Following that, Hogan issued an apology for using “language that is insulting and incongruous in my values,” and this marked the beginning of his opportunity for redemption in the peculiar world of professional wrestling.

Because of this, it was really only a matter of time before Hogan returned to the firm that he made famous. You know, anything can be forgiven when there’s money to be earned, and so it was really only a matter of time before Hogan returned.

hulk hogan controversy

The assassination of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2 at the Saudi consulate in Turkey led to significant pressure being placed on WWE to cancel their Crown Jewel show. This would have been the company’s second event of this kind in Saudi Arabia, where they had previously signed a 10-year deal worth multiple millions of dollars with the government of that country.

The first event, known as April’s Greatest Royal Rumble, came under significant scrutiny because it gave the impression of being little more than an exercise in propaganda for the Saudi Arabian government and how allegedly progressive things are today under the leadership of the present monarchy.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) finally came to the conclusion that they should proceed with the Crown Jewel event. They justified their “extremely tough choice” to do so by citing several commercial considerations.

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Both WWE Superstars John Cena and Daniel Bryan withdrew from the Crown Jewel event, and it was subsequently revealed that Hulk Hogan would be acting as the tournament’s official presenter.

As a result, the event went off without a hitch on the second Friday of November.

The major talking points include Hulk Hogan’s entrance at the beginning of the broadcast to the tune of his ‘Real American’ theme, which was a truly surreal sight and sound given the location and the circumstances that surrounded it, and the conclusion of Crown Jewel, in which a McMahon stood tall for some reason.

Below is Hogan’s big return, in which he basically stated nothing of significance, so make sure to check it out.

As for the remainder of the evening, Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman in what amounted to a squash match and ended up winning the vacant Universal Championship in the process. Strowman was widely favored to win the battle.

Therefore, that made very little sense.

hulk hogan controversy

Then you had the World Cup tournament come down to The Miz (Smackdown) and Dolph Ziggler (RAW), only for an injury to force Miz out of the competition. During the weeks of build-up, WWE kept stressing that the tournament will “select the greatest in the world.”

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So, Ziggler comes out on top, right? No, because the courageous Smackdown General Manager and part-time wrestler Shane McMahon stepped in and… won the final of a tournament that he wasn’t previously a participant in, and is thus now considered to be “the greatest in the world.”

According to all accounts, the wrestlers very obviously phoned in their job for the evening while the WWE commentators referred to Riyadh rather than Saudi Arabia throughout the whole event.

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