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Fairlife Milk Controversy: Why Did Things Fall Apart at Fairlife Milk? It Has Been Two Years Since the Video that Became a Worldwide Sensation.

A Fairlife milk supplier was caught on a hidden camera abusing their animals in June 2019. Even though Fairlife claimed to be concerned about animal welfare, many customers stopped buying their milk as a result of this.

As the two-year anniversary of the Fairlife milk animal cruelty incident approaches, many are still confused about what transpired at Fair Oaks Farms, why many have chosen to boycott the company, and what they can do to put an end to such atrocities.

An Investigation by Fairlife Milk Found that Animals Were Mistreated at Fair Oaks Farm

fairlife milk controversy

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) hired an investigator in early 2019 to work as a “milker” at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, which ARM claims are a supplier of milk to Fairlife and other firms. He recorded the dairy farm covertly throughout the short months he was employed there. According to ARM, this provided “undeniable evidence of the intrinsic suffering dairy cows endures every day in modern food production systems.”

Warning: graphic content) in June of this year, ARM published a video compilation of the investigator’s most disturbing material. The news that the farm had been used in such a horrible manner for no apparent purpose outraged people all across the world.

Staff members have reportedly witnessed “slapping, kicking, hitting, shoving, tossing, and slamming calves,” as reported by ARM at the time in TODAY. To torture the calves, they used steel rebars, hard plastic milking bottles, knees to the spine, and hot branding irons to burn their faces.

subjected to harsh conditions including inadequate nutrition and lack of medical attention This “gave the calves a great deal of pain and suffering, and in some cases, they were permanently injured or even perished,” the statement reads.

According to ARM, both Fair Oaks Farms and Fairlife have made names for themselves by emphasizing their commitment to animal welfare. Care for the animals that provide the milk for Fairlife’s products is highlighted on the company’s website. Fair Oaks Farms claims on its website that it is “dedicated to… caring for our animals.”

People buy these items because they believe the claims made about them. And this film should serve as a wake-up call to everyone who regularly consumes dairy products.

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People Reacted by Not Buying Fairlife Milk

After the video was released, several consumers pledged to switch to a different brand of milk. Many people have given up dairy products in favor of non-dairy alternatives like soy or almond milk.

The dairy industry, sadly, is full of farms like Fair Oaks Farm. The Fairlife investigation gained more attention than any previous undercover footage from a dairy farm, yet it is far from the first video or documentary to expose animal cruelty in the dairy sector or in animal agriculture more generally.

According to TODAY, several Midwest supermarket retailers have discontinued carrying Fairlife goods, including Jewel-Osco, Tony’s Fresh, Casey’s, and Family Express. The strongest blow was delivered here.

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Here’s how Fairlife and The Coca-Cola Company Reacted to The Controversy

Fairlife is a brand that belongs to the Coca-Cola Company. After the undercover film was released, Fairlife declared it would no longer purchase milk from Fair Oaks Farms and would instead convene an expert advisory board on animal welfare.

More information about the audits Fairlife has committed to doing is available on the brand’s official website. However, the company insisted that these governance controls had been in place long before the probe, so some consumers may be suspicious of the new policies.

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The ARM inquiry into Fairlife shows how difficult it is to learn the truth about conditions on farms. ARM advised viewers of the harrowing video to join a petition, demand that retailers stop carrying Fairlife, and abstain from dairy products.

Putting an end to dairy consumption is healthy for the planet as well as the animals. An Oxford University research discovered that the typical gallon of cow’s milk produces three times as much carbon dioxide as the same volume of vegan milk.

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