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Cowboys QB Controversy: Cowboys Players and Coaches Dismiss Jones’s Quarterback Theory!

Jerry Jones, an owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is a drama buff. He told the media last week that he would love the idea of a quarterback conflict between Cooper Rush and Dak Prescott. When the starting quarterback is 100 percent healthy, he wants Rush to play so well that he and Dak Prescott are equally debated for the job.

Jones’s idea that benching his $40 million-a-year quarterback would be thrilling and joyful sounds a little out of character, but it’s natural that everyone wants this team to win and for the backup quarterback to exceed all expectations.

The general manager is known for stirring up trouble and doing everything it takes to sell tickets, but his colleagues aren’t as enthusiastic about these tactics. Mike McCarthy, who has had to deal with his fair share of Jones drama, was asked about his general manager’s comments, and he promptly shut down the questioning.

Mike Mc Carthy and The Other Cowboys Players Laughed Off Jerry Jones’ Idea of A Quarterback Controversy.

cowboys qb controversy

Oh, poor McCarthy. This man is juggling coaching a team with coping with the continual drama that the Joneses bring into his life.

Not only did the Cowboys’ head coach not buy what Jones was selling, but so did many other people.

Back-up runner The team’s six-year veteran running back,  Ezekiel Elliott, told reporters that the GM’s remarks were “simply marketing.”

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Media outlets questioned Cooper Rush, the alleged “controversy’s” target. The calm quarterback made a joking comment about how he doesn’t have as big of goals as the Cowboys’ owner. Rush went so far as to say that he and Prescott shared a “nice laugh” after hearing Jones’ comments to the press. At least now the team knows what to expect from Jones and how to laugh it off.

Prescott’s status as the starter is no secret at this point, and everyone knows it. McCarthy maintains, despite Jones’ comments to the contrary, that Jones is aware of it as

McCarthy claims that everyone in the building, including Jerry Jones, knows that Dak is the team’s starting quarterback. Cooper’s success is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, in my opinion, that’s where the story ends.

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There is enough expectation for this team to win games as it is. They most certainly do not require any further drama, especially from within the organization. Nonetheless, so long as Jones remains the proprietor, that will remain the case.

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