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Coolio Controversy: Big Brother Allegedly “covered Up” Coolio’s Racial Insults, Rape Comments, and “bullying” Saga.

In 2009, Coolio sparked a violent ‘bullying’ row on Celebrity Big Brother, which the producers were then compelled to ‘cover-u.

Fans of the Gangsta’s Paradise rapper blasted him for his “misogynistic” antics, including his frequent reduction of one housemate to tears and his flaming, foul-mouthed arguments.

Ofcom received 527 complaints about the now 56-year-old Coolio allegedly being verbally abusive to singer Michelle Heaton, presenter Ulrika Johnson, and model Lucy Pinder.

His most memorable altercation was with Shameless star Tina Malone, during which he yelled at her to “shut the f*** up,” leading to his eventual exile to the Diary Room.

coolio controversy

Coolio shocked the other housemates with his racist language and filthy statements about rape, but his most foul rants and sexually-explicit remarks were edited out of the show.

And ex-Sugababes member Mutya Buena said she finally departed after the “sex pest” made three inappropriate approaches toward her.

After only a few days in the Big Brother house, Coolio was already getting a talking-to from show producers for his harsh language, which included the usage of the N-word.

After listening to him talk for 37 minutes straight, Ulrika Jonsson concluded, “He is so dominating, a stupid little man.”

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According to Channel 4, “Big Brother called Coolio to the diary room to remind him about the rules involving improper language. Big Brother will keep an eye on everything for the foreseeable future.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, the ex-con brags about stabbing a gang rival when he was just a teenager.

Coolio, a recovering crack addict, boasted of using narcotics in prison and carrying an illegal firearm until he was in his mid-30s.

coolio controversy

Big Brother producers ultimately opted not to air his outbursts because they deemed them inappropriate.

He has also allegedly made three unwelcome sexual approaches to Mutya before she left the residence, and she has stated that these advances were the reason she left.

The distraught performer announced her departure with the following words: “The creators should have intervened sooner. To put it simply, Coolio is a filthy old guy who is old enough to be my father.

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“He was a sex annoyance who constantly hit on me. My skin really crawled at the thought of it.

As far as I’m concerned, he got away with murder, and I don’t know how he was permitted to get away with it.

coolio controversy

After ignoring warnings from network executives not to use racist language, Coolio was reportedly asked to leave the show by those who worked on it.

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Even though Michelle had an outside lover, the rapper frequently drove her to tears by implying that she was flirting with Ben Adams.

In the aftermath of Ulrika’s expulsion, viewers were shocked to see him mock her, saying: “Your rear end is leaving. Leave my residence immediately.”

I despise how he makes us feel,” Ulrika screamed.

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