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Brittany jade controversy: Brittany Jade Szabo TikTok Video Causes Controversy!

American Brittany Jade Szabo is the most popular TikTok star. She creates media for a living. Innumerable recordings feature her appearance. She works as a photographer for a living. There are a growing number of formidable opponents making it big in the world of virtual entertainment.

One of the most formidable figures in history, she has made quite the name for herself. She’s famous for her stunning good looks, endearing grin, strikingly beautiful modeling poses, chic sense of style, and fantastic persona. She’s one of the most inspiring teens on TikTok right now. She first gained fame on TikTok for her humorous video clips, and then for her moving records and lip-synching performances ( Musical.ly).

Brittany Jade Biograph

She was born in California, America. Beginning in the year 2022, she will be around 33 years old. Her star sign is Aries. Her nationality is explicitly stated as American. The 11th of April, 1989, was the day of her birth.

We don’t know much about her background or skillset, but we do know that she isn’t well-known.

There’s a video up on her youtube vlog that she wants to share. Please take the time to view this exhibition featuring her work.

All of the photographs on her Instagram account are breathtaking.

A lot of her free time is spent on Tiktok, where she enjoys both recording and reviewing her own videos.

Take a look at her most watched Instagram video.

Disagreement about Brittany Jade

a video posted by TikTok influencer Brittany Jade Szabo has been met with backlash.

Szabo caused a stir when she uploaded a video on TikTok in which she falsely claimed that one of her boys was dead. If Insider is to be believed, this was meant as a joke, but no one seems to be laughing.

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Szabo Deleted the Tik Tok & Apologized, but It Was Saved & Uploaded to Reddit

Szabo and her husband Wyland quickly erased the video, and they apologized for it in another TikTok video. In the video, she expresses deep regret for anybody she may have insulted, injured, or upset.

Their “deep disappointment in ourselves,” she remarked. It was “very inconsiderate of us,” she claimed.

Szabo may have removed the TikTok, but it was still downloaded and posted on Reddit. Look at it here if you doubt me. On August 30, 2022, a commenter on Reddit gushed, “Brittany’s Jade video that she shared today! Did she remove it before anyone saw it?

Video caption: “Testing to see whether our twins would do what we suggest.”

Szabo, her husband Wyland, and their twin kids may be seen in the video clip seated in a car. Just do what we say, she implores them.

She tells him/her, “We are entering to win your Royal Caribbean cruises” for their birthday. Then she says, “They’ve gone through a lot. They had a sibling who was part of a set of triplets who died shortly after birth.

She’s obviously in tears. “I could not hold it together,” reads the video’s caption.

According to Szabo, the triplets are still in denial over the death of their sibling despite the fact that he was much missed throughout their upbringing.

The older of the twin brothers interrupts, “What are you talking about?”

And in loving remembrance of Lawrence, your triplet,” Szabo adds.

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People Criticized Szabo, Saying the Prank Was Cruel to Her Sons & People Who Have Actually Lost Children

As a result of the hoax, Szabo was mocked in several TikTok videos.

There was a debate on Reddit where many critiqued Szabo’s video. Some examples of feedback are shown below:

It was a new low point. Everybody knows she overstepped, even if they don’t tell her directly.

“Oh my, this is terrible. She made light of the loss of her kid by making such a remark. This has really altered my perspective about the criticisms leveled at her.

Didn’t she write on Instagram a few days ago about a friend’s family suffering the loss of their 8-year-old child? And she makes light of her own loss of an eye in a joke? Sick!”

“It’s disgusting! What gives her the idea that that’s anything to make light of? She is playing with her kids’ emotions, and she is hurting the sentiments of mothers who have experienced a miscarriage. Whoever said that is a heartless person.

She quickly removed the video after posting it. I have three threads in the Brittany Jade Snark Sub with screenshots from Brittany and her fans.

It’s so vile it makes you want to throw up: ” Can you imagine she had the guts to inform her very young boys that their sibling had died? JUST TO SEE!!! Brittany would go to this level of dishonesty in exchange for a few more app downloads and reviews. Do not stop traumatizing your children.

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“Many genuine children were lost this year in the United States. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a post grosser than this one.

These practical jokes are the worst. They’re revolting and never humorous. It’s not fair to treat the lads like that. I can’t see how any kid would feel protected in a house where pranks were a regular occurrence. Do you really think your parents can handle that kind of responsibility?

I have no idea who you are, but I had one of my twins die from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and I can tell you that it is nothing to make light of. Even after 14 years, I still have emotional breakdowns occasionally.

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