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Brad Wilcox Controversy: LDS leader Brad Wilcox apologizes for Controversial Comments About Race!

UTAH (ABC4) Latter-day Saint leader and religion professor at Brigham Young University Brad Wilcox has issued yet another apology for racially insensitive comments he made in the past.

Wilcox elaborated on the topic in a Sunday night virtual event meeting for a teenage audience in Edmonton, Alberta, saying, “This has been a challenging week for me. Perhaps some of you heard about the talk I gave on Sunday night. “

This was not the first time I had delivered that lecture, nor was it the first time I had utilized the concepts I offered or the line of reasoning I used to try to handle some challenging problems.

Wilcox made this comment in reference to a video of an address he gave to a group of young people around a fire in Alpine on February 7th that has since gone viral online.

When Wilcox made statements that many found distasteful and contentious about the Church’s prior policy of denying the priesthood to those of “black African origin,” he came under fire.

brad wilcox controversy

Later that night, he elaborates on his apologies, adding, “In the past, I failed to realize how my statements may be regarded as insensitive and harmful, and I’m extremely thankful for people — friends like Brother Corbitt — who have helped me, corrected me, and taught me.” Again, I’m sorry, and I appreciate the Lord’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ’s atonement more than ever.

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Two further videos of Brad Wilcox’s public speeches since the first have emerged with nearly identical content.

I don’t want to sound a bit over-simplistic, but sometimes I just think that we make things too complicated,” Wilcox says in one of the films. When did Blacks finally get access to the priesthood? Excuse me, Brother Wilcox, but what gives with that?

Are you saying that Latter-day Saints are biassed? A jerk? That Brigham Young? A lot of information will be presented to you. On the other hand, perhaps we have framed the issue incorrectly. When considering why Blacks didn’t gain access to the priesthood until 1978, perhaps we should instead wonder why no one else did so until 1829. Just why did it take until 1829 to reinstate the priesthood?

Recently, BYU issued a statement on Twitter reading

What Dr. Brad Wilcox has said recently has caused us great concern. We accept his apology in good faith, and he seems determined to grow as a result of this incident.

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When President Nelson called for an end to racism at BYU, the university vowed to do whatever it took to make that a reality.

Following President Worthen’s directives, we are assessing and acting upon the suggestions made by the Committee on Race, Equity, and Belonging, one of which is the establishment of a new Office of Belonging.

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