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Bon Appetit Controversy: Explaining the Scandal that Erupts when Racism Is Accused Where Did Bon Appetit Go?

Seven of the journal’s on-screen chefs have left in the previous few months due to claims against the publication. The network just announced the addition of eight new chefs as presenters.

Even the leadership has changed, with Dawn Davis now serving as editor-in-chief. Yes, but what led up to the change?

The issue began in May 2020, when Insider reported that Adam Rapoport, a former editor in chief at Bon Appétit, had remarked that authors of colour had an easier “road to a green light” for proposals.

Later, in 2013, a photo of Adam dressed as a caricature of a Puerto Rican man at a Halloween party made its way onto social media.

Sohla El-Wally, Carla Lalli Music, and others on Bon Appetit called him out on the allegations and photo.

Variety reports that El-Waylly claimed she was “pushed in front of video as a demonstration of diversity,” prompting other contributors to defend her and Conde Nast to refute the claims.

Once former colleagues began making claims, though, Rapoport resigned.

In recent months, the YouTube programme has lost chefs Priya Krishna, Sohla El-Wally, Rick Martinez, Gaby Melian, Molly Baz, and Carla Lalli Music.

According to Variety, they felt discriminated against due to the fact that they were of a different race than the majority.

Who Are the New Chefs Set for The Youtube Channel?

DeVonn Francis, a Jamaican-American chef, Tiana “Tee” Gee, a resident of Los Angeles, and Christian “Chrissy” Tracey, a vegetarian chef, are all set to appear on the show.

Rawlston Williams, a seasoned Caribbean cook, and baker Samantha Seneviratne have also been added to the roster.

Melissa Miranda, who spent time working in Italy before founding a Filipino restaurant in Seattle, is also making the transition to video sharing platform YouTube.

Filipinos Claudette Zepeda and Harold Villarosa, who both got their starts at McDonald’s, will also be appearing on the show.

All three of the original hosts—Brad Leone, Chris Morocco, and Andy Baraghani—have remained employed by the network and are reprising their roles in the new seasons.

And we won’t have to hold our breath for much longer. Condé Nast tells Variety that it plans to bring back parts of its Bon Appetit series in October for a fall release.

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Who Is the New Editor-In-Chief? Have There Been Any Other Controversies?

bon appetit controversy

Bon Appetit has a new editor-in-chief in Dawn Davis. A brand new promotional video for the programme on YouTube features her.
Alex Delany, the drinks editor, caused a stir when he uploaded a photo of a Confederate flag cake he prepared when he was 17 on the internet.

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Delany was quoted as saying at the time that the photo showed “a lack of comprehension,” according to Insider.

On Monday, Bon Appetit released a preview for its next issue, saying, “We are listening, learning, and producing together something that displays our finest.”

“We’re establishing a staff that reflects the audience we intend to serve; one that is fair-minded, humble, and eager to learn.”

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