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Bill Murray Controversy: Keke Palmer Aziz Ansari’s “Being Mortal” Needs a “major Rewrite”After Bill Murray Allegations

“If someone could figure it out, it would be Aziz,” the actress stated, adding that the picture, which halted production in April, would need major retooling.

Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut “Being Mortal” becomes less likely to conclude production and reach audiences each day.

Searchlight Pictures investigated Bill Murray’s alleged inappropriate behavior on site in April, halting production. Murray apologized for his “insensitive” behavior but refused to discuss the issue.

This week, Puck reported that Murray may have behaved worse than previously thought.

The report stated that Murray believed this younger woman was flirting with him. Bill Murray kissed and straddled her as they were near a production bed. Unannounced physical comedy was unclear. He outweighed her, she claimed. He kissed her on the mouth, but Murray and the woman were wearing masks due to Covid procedures.

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The report also stated that Disney, which owns Searchlight, isn’t ready to invest more resources in a picture that has become a PR nightmare. Some of the cast hopes the film will be finished, but it could become a Hollywood “what if” scenario.

In a new Variety interview, actor Keke Palmer said the picture needed major adjustments to finish (though she did not directly reference the allegations against Murray).

“I know what we got was gold,” she said. I’m heartbroken since we got cut short. Amazing film. If I can save it, I will.”

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Palmer trusts her director to rewrite and finish the picture, despite its difficulty.

She stated Aziz could solve it.

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