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Bachelorette Controversy: On The Upcoming Season of The Bachelorette, Jesse Palmer Predicts a “controversy.”

The weather in Bachelor Country is about to change.

Storm clouds gathered on The Bachelorette on September 6 after both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia had disappointing experiences in the dream suite, but viewers were left with a cliffhanger that would not be resolved until the season finale.

The Bachelorette will have its first ever two-night live finale, and thankfully host Jesse Palmer has given E! News Daily Pop a preview of what to expect, including the logic for it. “

bachelorette controversy

The main reason is that so much happened with both Rachel and Gabby Windey on those last days in Mexico and so much has happened since then,” Jesse revealed in the exclusive interview. That’s why we’re pausing the show and bringing Gabby and Rachel on set with their respective guys to talk about all the drama that’s about to go down.

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He didn’t elaborate on the nature of the problem, but viewers are aware that both Bachelorettes are in precarious situations. After Johnny and Jason left the show on their own accord because they weren’t ready to propose, Gabby was left with just one suitor, while Rachel, who had an admittedly better time in the dream suites, had a problem with Zach.

After leaving the dream room, Jesse Palmer saw that “something was just odd” with Rachel and Zach. “I don’t know whether you noticed, but the next morning when we overheard them having that talk, something didn’t seem quite right.

Since things appeared to be going so well between Zach and Rachel, we’re all kind of waiting for the answer to find out what occurred that night in the fantasy suite that turned things upside down.”

If you ask Jesse, Gabby and Erich have “had an excellent experience in Mexico up to this point,” but they’re “not at the finish line yet.”

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There must be a lot happening, what with there being two Bachelorettes and all. While others have voiced their displeasure with the show’s current format this season, Jesse has said that he’s “loved it a lot.”

According to his Daily Pop interview, “it had to be Rachel and Gabby” are the driving forces behind the success of the show.

“The strength of their friendship and their capacity to support and lean on one another have been recurring themes this year. They are both incredibly bright and strong women, but they have always had each other to support and encourage them.”

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