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Angela Lansbury Controversy: Angela Lansbury Says Women Must ‘sometimes Take Blame’ for Sexual Harassment

Famous actress Angela Lansbury has been criticized for claiming women “must occasionally take guilt” for sexual harassment due to their clothing.

“Women have gone out of their way to make themselves appealing,” Lansbury told RadioTimes on Monday. Unfortunately, it backfired on us. It’s terrible that we can’t look our best without getting assaulted.

Lansbury was discussing Harvey Weinstein’s new sexual harassment and assault charges.

Her negative comments went viral.

Some believed the famed “Murder, She Wrote” actress, 92, was trending because she was dead but were embarrassed to hear what she said.

Others noted the irony of the actress playing a mystery writer and amateur detective who fought for victims in “Murder, She Wrote,” the long-running CBS drama.

Her role in “Gaslight,” a 1944 film that coined the phrase “gaslighting,” was also noticed.

“There’s no excuse for that,” Lansbury says in the interview.

“She’s from a different time,” some have dismissed the 92-year-remarks. old’s Some think her age is no excuse.

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Lansbury’s statement on Wednesday:

“I am worried by how swiftly and brutally people have taken my words out of context and blamed my generation, age, or mindset without reading the whole thing. Sexually harassing women is never justified. I’m heartbroken that anyone might think otherwise.

“Those who have known the quality of my work and the many public statements I have made over my life must know that I am a staunch advocate of women’s rights.”

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