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All Are Welcome Controversy:’All Are Welcome’ Signs in Groton Causes Controversy!

GROTON (CBS) — In Groton, not everyone in the town agrees with how the “All Are Welcome” signage should be interpreted.

Residents are beginning to speculate whether or not it is a response to President Trump’s policies.

Around the perimeter of the village are eight stones, each of which bears an etched version of the phrase “welcome.”

Mark Haddad, the town manager, was quoted as saying to WBZ-TV that the purpose of the event was “just to convey that Groton is a welcoming community,” which was the main motivation behind the event.

The stones are town markers that were conceived up by the board of selectmen and were approved by the town meetings in the spring. The stones were made with a symbolic cost of one dollar after donations, but even though the message is straightforward, not everyone is on board with it.

all are welcome controversy

Jack Saball was quoted as saying, “I believe that in this day and age, it carries a political message that is unnecessary.”

Sabal is of the opinion that the people in the town did not have sufficient involvement when voting on what the stones say. As a result, he has submitted a citizen’s petition in order to have the wording discussed and modified at the fall town meeting. He believes it to be a political allusion or implication.

He suggested that it should say “Welcome to Groton” or something equally uncomplicated. “I believe that it ought to be impartial while still being hospitable.”

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Selectman Jack Petropoulos claims that he was one of the people who came up with the concept for the stones after observing a rift in our country in the aftermath of the election, but he insists that the message was not intended to have any political connotations.

“It is not an article that criticizes President Trump. Period. It is not an attack on President Trump; rather, it is a response to a great many of the discussions that have taken place “explained Petropoulos.

He is unhappy that it has caused so many concerns, but he is hoping that it will help bring the town together.

“They want to take away the ‘all are,’ and just say ‘welcome’ to Groton, and I’m just a little concerned what it means when you take ‘all’ out of a phrase like that,” said Petropoulos.

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“I’m just a little concerned about what it means when you take ‘all’ out of a sentence like that.”

The topic will be discussed in the town meeting scheduled for October 23.

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