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Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023? All About His Relationships and Love Life!

Cole Sprouse talked about being sober and thanked his girlfriend, Ari Fournier. During his open and honest visit on Call Her Daddy on March 8, the Riverdale star said that he has hit a sobriety milestone. I’ve been clean for almost a year and a half, and it’s been fantastic,” Cole said. For the first time in my life, I was able to put in the time and effort (both personally and professionally) necessary to start asking myself serious questions.

The Hollywood star went on to claim that he is a big fan of “cognitive behavioral therapy and psychiatry and all that stuff” now that he is living a healthy lifestyle with the guidance of specialists. He also spoke highly of his girlfriend Ari, whom he began seeing in the year 2021. My life is better now as a result of our connection. I’ve recently become sober. “I’ve questioned my existence like never before,” he said on the program. These past few years have been my most prosperous ever. My professional life is on the upswing. When the home is secure, the rest of their life may build on that solid ground, and she is largely responsible for that.

Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating 2023

Cole continued by telling everyone about his now-wife Ari and their whirlwind romance. It was through mutual acquaintances, he explained. She was five years into a relationship when I first met her. Around two years passed before we got back in touch. And when we finally reconnected, she was dating nobody.

Cole Sprouse

From then, things began to heat up between them, and today, Cole refers to Ari as his “best buddy.” Moreover, he said, “We get along so well. All we do, we do together. Really, it’s been two years and a change, but it just seems like a week has passed. Just fantastic. In retrospect, I find myself thinking, “You truly didn’t know” because I’ve never before had such a high level of compatibility.

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Cole, 30 years old, may have been thinking back to his recent past, which would include his breakup with Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart, whom he dated from 2017 to 2020. But he also spilled the beans on that particular love affair. It was impossible to put aside how we felt for each other, which made it tough to focus on work, as Cole explained. There wasn’t enough time or space for us to get away from it. I believe we each caused substantial harm to the other. On the other hand, Cole claims that he and Lili are “excellent friends now.” Additionally, he affirmed that, despite their bitter breakup, they “operate pretty well together” these days.

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