Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating? Boyfriend, Relationship, Complete Info!

Call Her Daddy is without a doubt one of the most popular podcasts out there. After a public feud between Dave Portnoy and the podcast’s former producer, Barstool Sports, the podcast departed Barstool and landed a $60 million exclusive deal with Spotify. She’s now the highest-paid podcaster in the world, trailing only Joe Rogan.

When it comes to talking about sex and relationships for a living, Cooper is a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw. As one might expect from a modern Carrie Bradshaw, everyone is curious about Cooper’s love life. Cooper has been talking about her secret partner in great detail since her first podcast. So, who is Alex Cooper’s enigmatic companion?

Alex Cooper Boyfriend:

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Who Is Alex Cooper‘s Boyfriend? Cooper has been dating film producer Matt Kaplan since 2020.

Despite revealing her love life on her podcast, the 26-year-old named her partner Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. After meeting him during a pandemic-related business growth session, Cooper gave her colleague the title.

She met him at her Los Angeles home and the two had a long conversation.

The Pennsylvania native discusses her relationship on her podcast, hinting that her boyfriend is more mature than her ex-boyfriend. She stated that he respects her profession and her choices.

According to various websites, Matt’s full name is Matthew Kaplan, a well-known film producer. Matt previously married Claire Holt, an actress, and entertainer in the film industry.

Alex Cooper Dating History:

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Cooper admits to dating a lot of athletes, but her most well-known ex-boyfriends are Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul. Cooper had an affair with Syndergaard, a New York baseball player before she became famous.

The couple started dating in April 2017 and have already attended several gaming events together. “Baseball is my significant other,” Syndergaard tweeted, confirming their divorce.

Syndergaard revealed their divorce via a tweet that read, “Baseball is my significant other.” Their last public appearance was at a Knicks basketball game in December 2020, where Syndergaard confirmed their split via a tweet that said, “Baseball is my significant other.”

For several years, the podcasters have been upfront about their split and relationship with Syndergaard, whom she refers to as “Slim Shady.”

In addition to Syndergaard, Cooper had a brief connection with the well-known YouTube player Paul. The actual day the couple started dating is unknown, although the celebrity presenter disclosed that she was dating Paul on April 8, 2021. Alexandra revealed in early 2020 that she had rekindled her relationship with an ex-boyfriend, but she did not identify which one. Alex Cooper is rumoured to be in a relationship with Matt Kaplan.

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Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

AlexCooper started working as a stage manager at Comcast in Hartford in January 2013. In December 2013, she began working as a production assistant at NBC Sports in Princeton, New Jersey, where she remained until January 2014.

She started working at the events and conferences office at Boston University in May 2015 and stayed there till August 2015. She was also a sports intern at Whdh Channel 7 and a customer success manager at Social Vantage.

Cooper debuted as a vlogger on September 29, 2016, when she launched the same-named YouTube channel. Her YouTube account has a total of 2.8 million views and 65,000 subscribers.

Alexander Cooper began her career as a podcaster and writer after joining Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy podcast with Sofia Franklyn in 2018.

Sofia and Alex are now entirely responsible for the podcast after signing a three-year contract with Barstool. The idea of sex education came to the duo while they were drinking and conversing in a bar.

Then Alexandra and Sofia had the brilliant idea to turn their chat into a podcast, and they immediately launched their popular “ Call Her Daddy” podcast.

Franklyn has left the podcast, alleging Cooper, who was previously her best friend, has repeatedly backfired on her. Cooper is currently hosting it alone.

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Her Suspected Film Producer Boyfriend, Matt Kaplan, Is the Target of Internet Sleuths:

Who Is Alex Cooper Dating

Any famous celebrity with a huge following can’t avoid the subject of internet rumors and speculation about their personal lives. Cooper, Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, and the rest of the crew are no exception. The internet community has scavenged for any and all nuggets of information it can discover in order to figure out who the masked man is.

Cooper offered enough information for internet sleuths to work with despite her unwillingness to expose her man’s identity. Her lover is a film producer, she stated in an interview. She has also shared countless images of her boyfriend’s lovely puppy terrier named Henry on Instagram.

Fans were able to determine the nickname’s genuine name due to their familiarity with his work and his dog. Matt Kaplan, the show’s producer, is most likely “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man,” according to them. Despite the fact that you may not be aware of Matt Kaplan’s name, you are almost probably familiar with some of his work. As a producer, he’s worked on a variety of projects, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Cooper is now listed as Kaplan’s husband on his IMDb profile, which is odd. Although it appears that the two are dating, it is unclear whether they are married at this time. There has been no formal confirmation of their wedding, nor of “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” or Matt Kaplan’s identities. Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s identity, on the other hand, will remain a mystery, according to Cooper.