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Using the Trans Argument, Bette Midler Discusses Abortion and The Rights of Women

Bette looks to have Macy Gray’s full support. Similar sentiments were mentioned during an interview with Piers Morgan… but are not necessary for the context of abortions

On the front, Macy says, “Just because you go alter your bits, (that) doesn’t make you a woman.”

Bette Midler Is a Well-Known Singer and Songwriter.

utilizing the transgender issue as a lightning rod to make a point about the country’s abortion crisis, has adopted this approach.

This past week, the actress has taken to Twitter to express her outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, as well as her support for women’s rights in general. It’s all about that opening sentence.

According to what BM has to say, “The world’s women, unite! Our bodies, our lives, and even our names are being taken away from us! In our society, we’re no longer referred to as “women,” but rather, “birthing individuals” and even “menstruators.”

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Erased

Using the Trans Argument, Bette Midler Discusses Abortion and The Rights of Women.

She adds with a fierce… “Don’t allow yourself to be erased! You are owed by every human on the planet!” Some have labeled this point of view as “transphobic” since it includes trans/non-binary individuals.

An op-ed published in the New York Times this weekend, entitled “The Far Right And Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count,” makes similar arguments about the “erasure” of cisgender women on the extremes of both parties… either for inclusivity’s sake or outright oppression. Her comment piggybacks on this.

Even if some people might agree, others argue that comparing the GOP’s efforts to outlaw abortions to the efforts to be sensitive to transgender individuals and use mindful language is a false equivalency.

Anyway, we know Bette Midler‘s position on the subject. She appears to be an old-school feminist who is enraged by all of this. Perhaps we should deal with one catastrophe at a time.

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