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Who Is Tom Sturridge’s Girlfriend? What Is The Sandman Star’s Relationship Status!

Tom Sturridge, an English actor, is a seasoned veteran who rose to recognition because of his roles in films like Being Julia and Like Minds. Sturridge’s new role in Netflix’s The Sandman has propelled him back into the spotlight.

He appears in The Sandman as Lord Morpheus/Dream of the Endless. His latest work is therefore being much praised. In addition, he has a long list of film credits that have earned him accolades like 2013’s Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Actor.

This shows that Sturridge has global support from his admirers. Because of this, people worry about him as a person.

Who Is the Sandman Star Tom Sturridge Dating?

tom sturridge girlfriend

It would appear that Tom Sturridge is seeing Alexa Chung, a British author, model, and fashion designer. They were supposedly seen at Wimbledon on July 3 watching the action from the sidelines. Sturridge and Chung were seen on camera kissing at the game. E! News published photographs taken by paparazzi of the couple kissing and cuddling.

Sienna Miller, Sturridge’s ex-girlfriend, was also photographed at the event, sitting next to her new boyfriend, Oli Green. The two sets of daters appear to have gone on a double date. Since Sturridge and Miller were both sighted at the American Woman Premiere Party during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, we knew there was no bad blood between them. It’s still odd to see them in the same room, much less with new partners.

This is the second time that Sturridge and Chung have been seen together without making any sort of public announcement about their romance. On June 27th, they were seen attending the Glastonbury Festival together. The snapshot doesn’t prove that Sturridge and Chung are dating, but it’s clear they’re seeing one another since their last public appearance in July 2022.

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Tom Sturridge Dating History:

tom sturridge girlfriend

Sturridge has dated numerous women over his life. He was engaged to Sienna Miller, an actress, for a while during their relationship (which lasted from 2011 to 2015). They had a lovely daughter together, and she goes by the name Marlowe. Who’s Dated Who claims that Sturridge has dated some very weird women. Including “scream queens” Maya Hawke (an actress) and Juliette Buchs (a French singer) Abigail Breslin and Camilla Belle, both actresses.

Tom Sturridge will be appearing. On August 5th, you may watch The Sandman on Netflix.

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Relationship Status:

tom sturridge girlfriend

Tom Sturridge, as everyone knows, is not only well-known for his professional endeavors but also has his personal life dragged into the spotlight.

Since they were caught kissing at Wimbledon, the news that he has a new girlfriend named Alexa Chung has been all over the headlines.

Not only that, but the photo went viral because it featured Chung and Sturridge beside Sienna Miller, Sturridge’s ex-girlfriend.

The power couple was spotted at Glastonbury 2022, in addition to their recent outings at Wimbledon. There have been multiple sightings of them together, but none of them has spoken publicly about their connection. It’s evident that Sturridge and Chung would rather keep the public out of their personal lives for the most part.

However, Sturridge has been in a committed relationship before, and we discuss it here.

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