Third Child Welcomed by Jill Duggar, and He's Perfect!

Third Child Welcomed by Jill Duggar, and He’s Perfect!

Currently, Jill Duggar Dillard and huher sband Derick Dillard have a family of five!

The former reality stars made a significant announcement on their website late Monday night announcing the birth of their third son, a boy.

Jill and Derick also shared their son’s name and the reasons behind it, along with the main image of their adorable bundle of joy.

Frederick Michael Dillard, aka “Freddy,” is present. He arrived on July 7, 2022, at 5:16 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 6oz. and is 20 inches long,” exclaimed the delighted parents in an affirmative voice.

Michael Signifies ‘gift from God

Third Child Welcomed by Jill Duggar, and He's Perfect!

“Michael signifies ‘Gift from God,’ and Frederick means ‘Peaceful Ruler.'”

The Dillards, who have gained notoriety over the past few months for separating themselves from Jill’s infamous family and for seeking to reveal some mysteries about her mother and father, are also parents to 7-year-old Israel and 5-year-old Samuel.

They explained that Frederick arrived early, which also happened to be Samuel’s birthday the following day.

They wrote: “So we had our planned C-section a bit earlier than originally intended.”

Jill Duggar and Frederick are both doing well, and we’re looking forward to bringing him home from the hospital shortly,” Jill said.

The proud mother and father also said that Frederick had special meaning for them because “Derick’s name has Fre appended to the front, making Fre-deric”

That is a fact, and we verified it twice.

Derick’s name is also a play on his late father’s name, Rick, which his parents constructed by adding the letter “de” to the beginning of Rick to form the words “de’-rick,” which truly mean”son of” (de) Rick,” the couple said.

By simply adding “Fre” to the beginning of Derick’s name, we were able to integrate both Derick and his dad’s names into the name Frederick.

Just 9 Months After Jill’s Miscarriage, Frederick Was Born

Even though it was too soon to determine the baby’s gender, Jill and Derick chose the name River Bliss Dillard because they believe it captures the value of their child and the life they will always remember.

Jill and Derick announced their pregnancy in February. then in March made it known that they have been adding a second boy to the group.

We are grateful to be expecting a healthy baby boy in July. The celebrities of the day, including:

“Your ongoing supplications are greatly appreciated.”

Jill recently described how she was preparing for the birth of her baby kid a few weeks ago.

She captioned an Instagram photo of her baby bulge and the washer, “Washed some little baby clothes I kept back from the boys and I’m feeling all the feels!”

“We are so excited to meet our little man next month!”

He is now in this location!

Jill and Derick and Their New Family

We are incredibly happy for Jill and Derick and their new family.

Let’s hope and pray that they can keep younger Freddy away from Jill’s parents and the majority of her siblings, even though none of them have yet expressed any needs in a polite manner in public.

It shouldn’t be necessary to explain why.

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