Season of Love' Season 2 First Look Teased by Sort Of' Creators

Season of Love’ Season 2 First Look Teased by Sort Of’ Creators

Sort Of returns for a second season on HBO Max in 2021, following its critically acclaimed debut in 2021. New episodes will all be about “love” as the Peabody Award-winning comedy continues to follow Sabi Mehboob (Baig) as they explore their non-binary identity and manage cultural expectations, according to co-creators and co-showrunners Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo.

Baig and Filippo told ET that they can’t wait to share the next chapter of Sabi’s journey, and the progress of all of our characters, with their viewers following the “unbelievably wonderful response” to their first season.

Sort Of’s second season is a time of romance. There is love for your friends, family, work, and even a place, as well as romantic love. Baig adds, “There are so many people I care about.” “Sabi is looking for a pure and uncomplicated love, but love is complicated in whichever form it takes,” says Sabi.

Season of Love' Season 2 First Look Teased by Sort Of' Creators

Soon, Sabi is bitten by the love bug and decides that they are not only ready for a simple romantic relationship, but they also want everyone else to feel the same way they do.

Paul Bauer (Gray Powell) and his family (Kaya Kanashiro and Aden Bedard), who are dealing with the release from rehab of their mother, Bessy (Grace Lynn Kung), as well as troubles at Bar Bük hinder their plans.

As a result, Sabi is forced to deal with a variety of complex events and interpersonal connections.

Gaia (Amanda Brugel), an artworld doyenne and mother to 7ven (Amanda Cordner), who is well-known for crashing her child’s world, enters the cast this season, further adding to the mayhem. Dennis (Becca Blackwelloffspring )’s Wolf (Raymond Cham Jr.) and a wealthy investor Bryce (Scott Thompson, The Kids in the Hall) are also cast in the new season.

Ellora Patnaik as Raffo, Supinder Wraich as Aqsa, and Cassandra James as Olympia will all be back for season 2.

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