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Who Is Rosie O Donnell’s Girlfriend? Relationship Info!

Comedian, TV personality, actor, novelist, and TV producer Roseann O’Donnell hails from the United States. On March 21, 1962, she entered the world.

Even after all she’s been through, comedian Rosie O’Donnell still believes in love. The former host of The View shared a snapshot of herself in May 2022 with another woman’s hand in hers. After dating for a month, she shared a sweet selfie to announce her relationship with Aimee.

On June 1, Rosie O’Donnell and Aimee Hauer went public with their romance on Instagram after Hauer shared a photo of the two of them holding hands. However, it is unknown when their relationship began.

Meet Aimee Hauer, Rosie O Donnell’s Girlfriend

rosie o donnell girlfriend

Aimee Hauer works as a massage therapist in Spokane, Washington. She has a company listing in the central business district of Spokane and is a 2003 graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy, per The Focus.

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Hauer reportedly studied both eastern and western approaches to bodywork, including shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, trigger point therapy, injury massage, cranial sacral therapy, and Swedish-based therapeutic massage.

The masseuse discussed her upbringing in a strict Mormon family in Boise, Idaho, and her subsequent “out of obligation” marriage at age 21 on the Lesbian Speaking podcast in 2021.

They ended up divorcing despite the fact that they shared two children. Hauer spent eight years litigating to regain custody of her daughter.

Her relationship with O’Donnell has recently been revealed to the public. They walked the red carpet for the first time on Saturday. Since they’ve chosen to keep their relationship private, hardly much is known about them.

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Who Has Rosie O Donnell Previously Dated?

Aimee discussed her Mormon upbringing in Boise, Idaho, on the podcast “Lesbian Speaking” in 2021. She claimed to have been married once before and to have a daughter named Izzie from her first marriage. Beautiful as she is, the lavender-haired lady is also the mother of a kid from a prior relationship.

 Kelli Carpenter. was Rosie O’Donnell’s ex-husband. The comedian tied the knot with Michelle Rounds in 2012, his second marriage after his 2004 divorce.

Rosie O’Donnell later became engaged to policewoman Elizabeth Rooney after her 2015 split from actor Conor McPherson. However, they broke off their engagement this year (2019).

Following her separation from O’Donnell, Sleepless in Seattle starlet Rooney told Extra that maintaining relationships and coping with breakups in the public eye were challenging experiences.

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In a good way. To be honest, we haven’t figured out a lot yet. Doing so in public is challenging… It’s challenging for someone with a typical job. Okay, so I’m used to it… We’re looking into it as best we can. I like to think positively, so I am expecting the best.

O’Donnell has four children with Carpenter: Parker Jaren (now 27), Chelsea Belle (now 24), Blake Christopher (now 22), and Vivienne Rose (now 18). (19). Dakota, O’Donnell’s 9-year-old daughter, is currently dating Michelle Rounds. Tragically, the latter took her own life in 2017.

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