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Response from Soulja Boy to An Old Wizkid Tweet Labeling Him “wack”

Soulja Boy responded to a tweet from Wizkid from over a decade ago in which the Nigerian singer-songwriter labelled him “crazy.”

Wizkid first gave the world his thoughts on Soulja back in May 2010. “Soulja Boy is weird, I swear! Jeez! he tweeted after Soulja released his second studio album, iSouljaBoyTellem, more than ten years ago.

Response from Soulja Boy to An Old Wizkid Tweet Labeling Him "wack"

Soulja made the decision on Sunday that this is the ideal occasion for him to respond. He wrote, “Ya mother wack.” “Shut up, you bitch ass.”

Wizkid Hasn’t Responded Yet.

The rapper didn’t stop there; it’s unknown what compelled him to respond so briefly. User Rinu Oduala tweeted, “If he says you wack, you wack,” which sparked another comment from Soulja. He responded, “Suck my dick from the back.”

According to HipHopDX, Soulja Boy stated during an Instagram Live session that he had just discovered the insult and would not tolerate it.

“I couldn’t care less whether it happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago. Bitch, please don’t speak my muthafucking name “As shown below, he said during the live feed.”Every time, it will have effects, reactions, and consequences.

Why the heck not! Soulja Boy name pass cards are not given to *s, na We don’t give a fuck if you didn’t realisethat when you spoke that thing, you were going to become famous. Now you’re famous, n. Na, I just noticed it. Who were you referring to? Who the hell is this person talking about

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