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Who Is R Kelly Girlfriend Now? Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out About Her Experience as His Victim

Singer-songwriter-producer Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967) is an American sex offender who also happens to be a singer-songwriter.

When it comes to the genres of R&B and hip hop, Kelly has been referred to as “the King of R&B,” “the King of Pop-Soul,” and “the Pied Piper of R&B,” among others.

He has a long list of hits that spans three decades. More than 75 million records have been sold worldwide, making him the most successful male R&B performer of the 1990s and a global music icon. His song “I Believe I Can Fly” earned him three Grammys. The Grammy-nominated “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson was one of the many songs, singles, and albums he has written, produced and remixed.

On numerous occasions, Kelly has been accused of sexually abusing young people, including those under the age of 18.

He has been indicted in criminal courts in Chicago, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota for a variety of crimes.

He disputed the allegations time and time again. In 1994, he married his underage protégé Aaliyah in a sham marriage arranged by him. As recently as 2002, he was indicted on 21 counts of creating child pornography but was later cleared of the charges.

Who is R.Kelly’s girlfriend?

r kelly girlfriend now

A longtime girlfriend of R.Kelly, Joycelyn Savage, has finally spoken out about her ordeal, calling herself a “victim” of the R&B star.

When the 24-year-old rapper announced on Saturday that she will be sharing the narrative of her time spent with R. Kelly on the subscription-based membership site Patreon, she reactivated her Instagram account to make the announcement.

In her first Saturday post, she described meeting Kelly, then 17, during one of his concerts in 2015.

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Kelly Vowed to Kick-Start Her Singing Career.

r kelly girlfriend now

It was a common refrain from him: “Baby girl, you’re going to be the next Aaliyah,” he’d say.

She quit college and moved in with R. Kelly after hearing his promises.

Robert began giving me orders and insisting that I call him by particular names after a few months. A word like “Master” or “Daddy” that Savage disliked at the time. “I would have gone home if I wasn’t getting paid and chasing my ambition, but it didn’t stop there. But as the days went on, he became increasingly irritated when I didn’t refer to him by those two titles. Whenever Robert called me, I was forced to respond with “Daddy, please” or “Yes, daddy.”

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why Chicago Police Arrested R&b Singer R. Kelly

r kelly girlfriend now

Earlier this year, Chicago police arrested R&B singer R. Kelly on a variety of sex trafficking allegations brought by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and Chicago. Prosecutors have said he will not be charged. Illinois and Minnesota state prosecutors are also bringing criminal accusations against Kelly.

In her article, Savage stated that she was willing to put her life in jeopardy in order to tell her own tale..

Her current admissions about Kelly are a departure from her previous narrative. She appeared on CBS This Morning in March to justify her friendship with Gayle King. His other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, supported him in his fight against allegations of sexual and physical abuse and parental exclusion.

Also, she alleged, that she and her parents were attempting to defraud Kelly of his money.

Basically, because they couldn’t agree on what occurred with music or whatever it was, both our parents are out here trying to gain money and scam.” In addition, Savage said, “and they’re just really upset”.

In the days to come, Savage intends to tell more of her experience.

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