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Patricia Donoso Is Thinking of Quitting ‘Survivors. “I’m so Sorry but I Have to Leave.”

Patricia Donoso decides to quit the programme, but at the last minute, she changes her mind and goes back to Playa Royal. Bosco Martnez-Bordi does a stunt jump from a helicopter and is punished by the organisation.
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The show “Survivors: Honduras Connection” started with the knowledge that Patricia Donoso is thinking about leaving and that since she arrived at “Playa Royal,” which has the most amenities of the three locations, she hasn’t found anything good, hasn’t gotten used to being in Honduras and doesn’t think she can handle this experience any longer.

During the programme, he told Ion several times that he wanted to leave. However, in the last few minutes of “Conexión Honduras,” the host said that Patricia Donoso had changed her mind and decided to go back to Playa Royal, giving him another chance to live the adventure.

The First Bad Hours Patricia Donoso Had in Honduras

“I’m not into this. People who tell me this is an experience and want to come back, I would bring with me “In the beginning, Donoso said. “I’m announcing that I don’t even have 24 hours left and have stopped following protocol. I’m waiting for the sun to go down so I can say it now,” Patricia tells Adara, bursting into tears when she sees herself like this. “It makes me angry that I can’t stand it, but no.” And you’re right, when night comes, he moves to the team that wants to leave because he can’t take it any longer.

Ion Aramendi talks to Patricia about what’s going on with her.

Patricia Donoso

Ion Aramendi has connected live with her from the set to talk about what is happening to her. “I like my teammates, they’re great, but the situation has gotten the best of me. I decided I would leave. I stayed for a few more hours, but I had already made up my mind, and my head told me last night, “No more.” “Donoso explained it and made sure it was always the case: “When I saw how long it took to jump out of the helicopter, I got off to a bad start, and I saw that I did better than I thought I could.

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The Contestant Gets on The Boat and Has Time to Decide What to Do.

“No matter what people say, it’s a challenge I lose to myself. This is the truth, and it’s awful, “the competitor sang. Ion Aramendi wanted to encourage him and ask him to stick with it so that he wouldn’t regret dropping out of the programme. He ended up asking, “Do you want to stay or do you want to leave?” She said, “I want to leave,” very clearly upset. The host asked him to get on the boat and told the contestant, “He’s going to have some time to think about it.”

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