NCIS Star Brian Dietzen Hinted About the Return of A Cherished Character in Season 20

NCIS Star Brian Dietzen Hinted About the Return of A Cherished Character in Season 20

On the eve of the show’s 20th season, NCIS star Brian Dietzen teases the return of a beloved character, if only as a guest appearance. A recent story from Express says supporters are on board with it all.

Victoria, the daughter of Dietzen’s character Jimmy Palmer, has just been mentioned by Brian Dietzen on NCIS. The character’s frequent appearance on the show has also piqued the interest of some viewers, who want to learn more about Palmer’s personal life by seeing him more frequently.

Ncis’s Jimmy Palmer’s Personal Life May Be Kept Underwraps, but Fans Knew the Medical Examiner Had a Young Daughter

Brian Dietzen on Jimmy Palmer, His NCIS Character, and What Makes Him So Endearing

Beginning in 2004, Brian Dietzen’s character Jimmy Palmer played a significant role in the hit CBS procedural drama NCIS. In addition to David McCallum’s “Ducky” Mallard, Dietzen’s Palmer was cast as his assistant.

Despite his “off-beat” demeanor and nerdy tendencies, he has a big heart. Palmer’s genuine concern for his coworkers is well known within the NCIS squad. If you’re in need of a lift, Palmer will always be there to provide it. According to Brian Dietzen, the fans of NCIS appreciate and remember Dietzen’s character because of these attributes.

A 2017 Variety interview quotes Brian Dietzen as saying, “Jimmy Palmer’s lasting legacy is that he’s a guy who’s always searching for the positive and always learning.” “Naive” is a word that Dietzen uses to describe Jimmy Palmer. However, he does not see the character in this light.

Jimmy Palmer, according to Dietzen, is “always ready to learn.”

Brian Dietzen Reflects on What Makes His NCIS Character, Jimmy Palmer So Memorable

NCIS Star Brian Dietzen Hinted About the Return of A Cherished Character in Season 20

even if things seem hopeless,” Dietzen concludes. In other words, “He’s always looking for ways to improve himself or his team.”
NCIS’ 19th season introduced viewers to Elle Graper’s character Victoria Palmer, Jimmy Palmer’s daughter. When Jimmy Palmer’s ex-girlfriend made a cameo on NCIS, viewers were excited to learn more about her.

Even the NCIS team appears to have a soft spot for the youngster. Characters like Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres, who plays Palmer’s daughter, act as if they’ve known each other their entire lives when they connect with her.

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