Luke Eisner Girlfriend

Luke Eisner Girlfriend: Who Is the Actor Dating in 2022?

Luke Eisner is an American actor and TV personality. With his role as Stig in Tall Girl on Netflix, he’s become well-known in the business. Among his fans and critics, he has also appeared in an episode of The Goldbergs.

In addition to his acting jobs, he’s also a well-known singer, which has earned him a lot of attention. He has shared the stage with bands such as The Fray and VOILA. Aside from his acting career, he’s also an accomplished model who has worked with a range of companies and brands. What do you know about his personal life? Are you single or are you currently in a relationship?

Luke Eisner Life and Career

Luke Eisner Girlfriend

As a result, we’re all familiar with Luke Eisner as a Hollywood actor. In addition to being an actor, he is also a talented musician, right? Gus Ross and he had formed the group Voilà, which consists of both of them. It doesn’t stop there: He’s a social media star and a model. Luke was born on August 1, 1996, making him 25 years old at the time of this writing.

Born in Wisconsin, he is an indigene of the United States. His parents are Bill and Denise Eisner. We suspect Luke has a sibling as well, but we have no additional information. His father is employed by Coca-Cola as an advertising representative. His grandfather, Will Eisner, also worked in advertising and design, just like his father. He went to Greendale High School in Wisconsin as a kid, where he grew up. He began his career as a DJ at weddings, then transitioned into the modeling industry. Stuart Weizman, H&M, Ralph Lauren, and American Eagle are just a few of the high-profile brands he has modeled for.

It has been said that Luke’s band is one to keep an eye on in the live country music scene. A number of well-known acts have shared the stage with the band, including X Ambassadors, Kesha, and many more. Kesha and Martin Garrix have lent their support to the band. It was Netflix’s 2020 film Tall Girl, which he starred in after his on-screen debut in the sitcom “The Goldberg.”

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Who Is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend?

Luke Eisner Girlfriend

Kirby Johnson is the girlfriend of Luke Eisner. Since 2018, they’ve been together. The duo has a large following on social media, and you’ll frequently see them in each other’s photos. A couple of images of the two of them are a visual treat for the senses.

In most of Kirby’s Reels, Luke is included. In her films, she frequently refers to him as “prettier than her.”. The couple appears to be in a passionate and affectionate relationship based on their social media posts. Luke has expressed his desire to marry her on numerous occasions. For the time being, he is pursuing a career in acting.

Who Is Kirby Johnson?

An American actress, Kirby Johnson, is known for her work. She’s appeared in films like The Possession of Hannah Grace and 5150, to name just a couple. “Hollywood Coach,” in which she starred in 2013, is another one of her credits. Kirby is also a talented dancer, as evidenced by the numerous videos she posts on her social media accounts.

On February 12th, Kirby will be 25 years old, and she will celebrate her birthday. She is a native of the United States and grew up in California. She is also a well-known social media personality with more than 140 thousand Instagram followers. The app’s users love her reels.

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Their Dating Life

According to an Instagram post by Kirby, she fell in love with Luke the moment she saw him for the first time in the elevator. “He smiled at me in an elevator, and that’s it,” she wrote on Instagram on December 12, 2020. My love tale begins like this:

Eisner cut Johnson off as a friend after their first meeting, despite the fact that Johnson fell in love at first sight with him. Luke and Kirby allegedly remained friends until they resumed dating in 2018 after first becoming romantically involved in 2017. However, on May 14, 2019, she made her relationship with Luke public on Instagram.

Kirby wrote, “Made it out of the scorching depths of the buddy zone /6:46 pm” on an image he shared with Luke for the first time. Since then, she’s been posting pictures of themselves together on her 201k+ follower official Instagram account. When it comes to showcasing his love for Kirby, Luke never misses an opportunity to do it with the perfect love caption.