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Look at Mariah Carey’s Surprise Appearance During Latto’s BET Awards Performance

On the evening of June 26, Mariah Carey made an appearance at the BET Awards in a surprise appearance. Carey and her smash song “Fantasy” were featured on Latto’s remix of her popular single “Big Energy.” Carey returned to the stage for the “Fantasy” chorus after being shown in silhouette at the end of the performance. Latto donned a black costume with gold sequins for the show. Carey, on the other hand, sported a stunning black dress. Latto had won the best new artist award earlier in the evening.

The song “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club is substantially sampled in both Latto’s “Big Energy” and Carey’s “Fantasy.” When asked about working with Carey, Latto said, “She’s such an inspiring energy.” While Mariah’s vocals are great, “I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on this song, and I’m grateful for the experience she offered me with this song and all her words of wisdom,” she said.

Lotto Explained to The Publication how The Teaming up Came About

Look at Mariah Carey's Surprise Appearance During Latto's BET Awards Performance

In addition, Latto explained to the publication how the teaming up came about. “As soon as we started talking about the ‘Big Energy’ remix after the original was released, I was like, Mariah Carey. As a counterpoint to my want for Mariah, I realize that it’s not feasible for me to expect to be able to afford her “said she, It “blew my mind” when Latto discovered she was willing to take on the challenge, she said. “Even more than that, she was a joy to work with and a breath of fresh air in an industry rife with crazy. I felt as though she was a breath of fresh air around me. Many times, we’ve spoken on the phone or sent text messages back and forth. She’s been a great source of inspiration and advice for me.”

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A new Latto album, “777,” came out in March. The Songwriters Hall of Fame has just recognized Carey. She mentioned this in her award speech: “People have to be reminded all the time that I make songs. When it comes to the diva stuff, it’s like “Oh my god,” “Wow, diva.” If you’ve seen the meme of me repeating myself, “As a songwriter!” over and over, you’ll recognize it. Tonight we intend to produce yet another meme, AS. A. SONGWRITER! ‘Til then!”

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