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Lisa Marie Presley Kids: Is Lisa Marie Presley Staying Strong For Her Children? Get to Know the Singer’s Blended Family

When we think about Lisa Marie Presley’s famous family, we can’t help but feel affection. The legendary baby singer/songwriter was born in 1968 to Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, two of the biggest stars in the world at the time. Today, she is the proud mother of a large, multiracial family.

In May of 1989, Lisa Marie and her husband Danny Keough became parents for the first time with the birth of their daughter Riley Keough. The couple married the wedding in 1988, and in October 1992 they welcomed their second child, a son named Benjamin Keough. In 1994, the American singer and doting mother ended their relationship.

Lisa Marie’s second marriage, to Michael Jackson, lasted from 1994 to 1996 after she failed the first one with Danny.

They never had any children together, and in 2002, the actress moved on to marry Nicolas Cage, her third spouse. By 2004 Lisa Marie had ended her relationship with the National Treasure actor.

lisa marie presley kids

The “Lights Out” singer finally started a family after marrying her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, in 2006.

Lisa Marie and the professional guitarist were married for about ten years, and during that time they had twin daughters named Finley Lockwood and Harper Lockwood. However, in 2016, they parted ways.

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lisa marie presley kids

Lisa Marie said she is “very, very much a very fierce and intense lioness mother,” as reported by the Huffington Post. That’s why I’m so protective of you. I want to be their friend and guardian, but I also want to teach them the skills they’ll need to thrive in the world we’ve created for them.

Look through the pictures of Lisa Marie Presley’s four children down below to get to know them better.

Riley Keough

lisa marie presley kids

On May 29, 1989, Lisa and Danny became the proud parents of their daughter Riley Keough. The brunette beauty is an actress and model, and she may be the most famous of Lisa’s children. She has been featured in blockbusters like Magic Mike and Mad Max: Fury Road, and she has starred in films like Earthquake Bird and Logan Lucky. Besides the Girlfriend Experience, Riley has also appeared in the TV series Riverdale.

It’s no secret that Riley is a social media star. The almost 300,000 people who follow her on social media are clearly entertained by her posts, which range from sensual pictures to updates on her Hollywood ventures.

The celebrity’s personal life mirrors the success of her professional one. In 2015, she wed Ben Smith-Petersen.

Benjamin Keough

lisa marie presley kids

Once, Lisa Marie remarked on how much her son looks like his dad.

Indeed, he does (very much) resemble Elvis Presley. He was the calm hurricane offstage at the Opry, she said CMT. As soon as he walked over there, all eyes shifted to him. People were swarming around him to take pictures with him since the resemblance was so striking. When I gaze at him, I am sometimes overcome with emotion.

On July 12, 2020, sadly, Benjamin Keough passed away. She is completely brokenhearted, inconsolable, and utterly crushed, but she is trying to keep it together for the sake of her three daughters, the eldest of which, Riley, is 11, and her twins, who are also 11. She had a major crush on him. “He was the love of her life,” Roger Widynowski, Lisa Marie’s representative, said in a statement to Closer.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

lisa marie presley kids

Lisa Marie and her then-husband Michael welcomed identical twins, Harper and Finely, in 2008. There aren’t frequent sightings of the small girls because of how young they are. Fortunately, Priscilla’s grandmother can’t help but brag about her two granddaughters.

She told Us Weekly, “I can’t believe kids are so brilliant [with technology]. They’re more adept at handling the phone than I am. They can already use Google, they can draw objects and cartoons, and oh my goodness. They’re merely young women having a good time.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

lisa marie presley kids

In addition, Priscilla said in August 2019 on the Today show, “I believe they’re extremely talented honestly.” They have tried out ballet, dancing class, and opera as a way to see what they like.

We look forward to seeing Harper and Finley develop over time.

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