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Joycelyn Savage Has Recently Claimed that She Is Engaged with R. Kelly.

R. Kelly, a disgraced rapper who preyed on women and girls for years, was given a 30-year prison term.

Kelly’s criminal cases are being lined up by numerous other prosecutors in different jurisdictions.

One of Kelly’s victims, however, asserts that Kelly is not a monster and even claims that Kelly is her fiancé.

Many victims of trauma are more susceptible to indoctrination. Some of what she writes might even be true, in her opinion.

that Joycelyn Savage requested a lenient sentence for R. Kelly in a letter to the judge.

She said, “I’m writing this letter in favor of Robert before his sentencing.

To “explain to the court that I’m not the victim that the government has presented me as,” Joycelyn said, this is necessary.
Joycelyn outrageously asserted that R. Kelly is “a fantastic person all around.”

She went on to say that he is “not the monster that the government has represented him to be,” which is even worse.

Joycelyn Savage has recently claimed that she is engaged to R. Kelly.

That can’t possibly be true. We hope that one day Joycelyn will be able to acknowledge that.

Joycelyn claimed, “Robert and I are madly in love.”
Furthermore, she said, “It pains my heart that the government has fabricated a story about me being a victim.”

Joycelyn wrote, “I’m a grown woman and can speak for myself.

Sadly, Joycelyn said, “That is why I wanted to provide the court a copy of this letter.”

Joycelyn said, “He is a great man, with a great heart.”

And deserves to be at home with those who are willing to support him, she argued.
Thankfully, the court did not make fun of her.

R. Kelly was instead given a 30-year federal sentence that was well-heard.

When they bring him up for additional trials, prosecutors in other jurisdictions seek to increase that sentence by several years.

It is common for the victim of unimaginable brutality to behave in a brainwashed manner.

Trauma is a complex experience that profoundly affects a person’s thoughts, actions, and worldview.

Everyone has heard arguments in favor of abusive parents. Hearing the same from a spouse who has been mistreated is almost as often.

Not for lack of understanding of Joycelyn’s trauma, but some people have expressed surprise at her statements.

Many women and girls suffered from R. Kelly‘s abuse and brainwashing.

To maintain power, he utilized threats, brutality, starvation, and other methods.

However, Joycelyn Savage really criticized him in the past.
She started sharing her story online, claiming that she had only turned 15 when the infamous predator first met her.

She acknowledged at the time that she was standing up for other women.

What then changed? Most likely nothing more than his desperation and her mental state.

The manipulation of abusers is well known, and it’s not only threats.

Through emotional pleading and trauma bonding, he may have persuaded her to feel sorry for him.

Some think there might have been a financial motivation.

Let’s face it, being emotionally and financially dependent on a monster for so many years does not position you for success.

We are not in a position to evaluate the opinions of a woman who has lived through the atrocities of R. Kelly.

R Kelly and Joycelyn Really Engaged?

Joycelyn Savage Has Recently Claimed that She Is Engaged with R. Kelly.

Her family was shocked by the supposed news, but she hasn’t spoken to them since starting her relationship with R. Kelly.

As we have stated, despite what occurred to Joycelyn and all of Kelly’s other victims, we sincerely hope that they can discover peace and the truth.

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