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Josh Allen Girlfriend: Who Is Brittany Morgan Williams? Is She Dating Josh Allen?

QB Josh Allen of the NFL in the US is worth $14 million. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is a household name. His compensation per season is $5.3 million.

On May 21, 1996, in Firebaugh, California, Joshua Patrick Allen entered the world. His family owned a cotton farm that was three thousand acres in size, where he spent his childhood. Josh was a high school football star, but he had no offers from Division I schools. As it turned out, the wife of one of the assistant coaches at Reedley College was a distant relative of his, so he decided to enroll there. He lasted at the University of Wyoming for a year before transferring.

Allen was hoping to be taken in the 2017 NFL draught. After learning he had not been selected, he went back to his home state of Wyoming. He went back to school and finished in the fall of 2017.

Josh Allen, a quarterback, was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL draught.

Who Is Josh Allen’s Girlfriend, Brittany Williams?

Former cheerleader and student at California State University, Fresno, Brittany Morgan Williams is now a Pilates instructor. Her birthday is April 26th and she was born in California. In that city, she went to high school at Firebaugh. She graduated in the latter years from Clovis North High School. She attended Fresno State for her education in the commercial aspects of agriculture.

She participated in both dancing and cheerleading in high school and was a member of Dolce Dance Studio. She also participated in the sorority of Kappa Kappa Gamma. As a ‘Mat & Reformer instructor,’ her Instagram bio indicates that she manages a pilates account. She is rapidly rising in influence, and her writings are almost exclusively about physical fitness.

She is also well-known for her online musings on fashion and cooking. Her father, Chris Williams, was the administrator of the Paso Robles Unified School District, and her mother, Megan, is a teacher. Her father, a great linebacker for Fresno State in 1994, was chosen honorary captain of the Bulldogs this year.

We can confidently say that she has been exposed to football from an early age. And she does have a sibling: a brother called Jordan. She was born and raised in the United States, and she is of white, European descent.

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How Long Have Josh Allen and Brittany Williams Been Dating?

josh allen girlfriend

Although they knew each other prior to college, the couple didn’t start dating until 2017. Therefore, they have been together for five years as of this writing. Both Josh Allen and his long-term girlfriend, the California native Brittany Williams, graduated from Firebaugh Public High School.

In honor of their first year together, Williams said on Instagram, “My 8-year-old crush became my boyfriend a few years later.” In another post, she joked, “thx for flirting with me when we were 8 years old, we’ve come a long way.

I’m just glad you don’t have cooties anymore.” Couple goals, if there is such a thing, are commonly seen together at music festivals and other humanitarian events, and they are frequently photographed doing so online.

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How Did Josh and Brittany Meet?

josh allen girlfriend

Williams and Allen have been childhood friends for a very long time. They were classmates and classmates in school. In an interview, Williams revealed that she has had a crush on Allen since she was eight years old and that she considers herself lucky and grateful that her childhood sweetheart is now her boyfriend.

After high school, both Allen and Williams applied to Fresno State, where Williams was a cheerleader, but Allen was rejected.

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In high school, Josh had given just as much time and effort to basketball and baseball as he had to football. While at Firebaugh, he was also helping out at his mother’s restaurant and on his family’s farm.

While he liked the game of football, it wasn’t his sole passion. As a result, when the time came to apply for athletic scholarships, no universities really considered him. Despite the fact that Fresno didn’t recruit him and he and his girlfriend were unable to attend the same school, he has been quite successful as a quarterback for the Bills.

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