Joseph Quinn, Star of Stranger Things, Cries After Being Thanked for His Prolonged Fan Interactions

Joseph Quinn, Star of Stranger Things, Cries After Being Thanked for His Prolonged Fan Interactions

When a fan praised Joseph Quinn at a recent event, Quinn was brought to tears. The 29-year-old Stranger Things actor was greeted by an allegedly oversold audience during his meet and greet at London Film & Comic Con over the weekend.

On social media, attendees alleged that 400 extra tickets were sold for Quinn’s meet and greet. As a result, spectators alleged that event employees treated Quinn in a “f**king horrible” manner and acted outrageously while attempting to move him through the long line of people.

One person claimed that the staff yelled at Quinn to “shut the f**k up and to just sign and not to interact with fans because they oversold and couldn’t get all people seen,” while another claimed that Quinn “did his best to make everyone feel they had a moment despite the staff not even stopping the queue to let him have some water.”

Joseph Quinn, Star of Stranger Things, Cries After Being Thanked for His Prolonged Fan Interactions

The organization that organizes LFCC, Showmasters Events, has not yet responded to the accusations made against its employees in the media. They published multiple recordings from Quinn’s time at the occasion online and referred to it as an “honor” that he attended.

Fans complimented Quinn online for spending time with each person who was present for a meet and greet, despite the reported actions of the staff. One fan went one step farther during a Q&A the next day, giving Quinn “an extension of thanks.”

“Whether it’s true or not, I’m sure many of us have heard what happened yesterday regarding how you were handled. I won’t really remark on it, but I just wanted to express our collective gratitude “According to a video on Twitter, the fan stated. “We are quite appreciative of your generosity with your time. I greatly appreciate it. We appreciate you signing our papers, spending time with us, and adding to our summer.”

The fan then brought up the actor’s Stranger Things character, Eddie, an older high school student who finds himself the culprit in Hawkins’ unexplained murder cases, while an emotional Quinn watched from the stage.

“Whether it was his musical preferences or the fact that he is an outsider, I believe that we have all felt a strong connection to Eddie for one reason or another. As Joseph Quinn said I believe we are all a part of Eddie “said the fan. Because we all felt a strong connection to you, we all traveled great distances.

The fan stated, “Both my weekend and yours were truly made by you. Regardless of how you were handled yesterday, we are extremely appreciative of your kindness toward me and my service dog. I’m grateful.”

Quinn was very affected and was spotted wiping away tears throughout the fan’s statement. Quinn thanked the fan once more and then quipped, “Aw, why’d you do that?” after she finished.
Quinn has previously mentioned how touched he was by the admiration viewers had for his character, who first appeared in season 4 of the Netflix series.

He told ET earlier this month that the emotion was “absolutely overpowering.” “It’s really sweet how devoted the viewers are to this show and how they have made room in their hearts for a new character. It’s just so warm-hearted.”

It feels like a great sigh, he continued, that “we put it out there and it’s been so wonderfully received and, obviously, personally, like, for the role that I portrayed, for people to be so embracing.”

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