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Jesse Malin Claims that A Rare Spinal Stroke Has Left Him Paralyzed from The Waist Down!

A month after having a rare spine stroke that left him paralyzed from the waist down, rock star Jesse Malin is talking about his health. Malin recently thought about what happened on May 4. He said he was having dinner in New York City when he had a stroke in his spinal cord. The pain started in his lower back and spread to his hips, thighs, and feet.

Malin told Rolling Stone in an interview, “Everyone was standing over me like in Rosemary’s Baby, saying all these different things, and I didn’t know what was going on with my body.”

Jesse Malin

He then said, “This has been the hardest six weeks of my life. I’ve been told that they don’t really get it and aren’t sure what the chances are. The doctors’ reports have been hard to hear, and there are times when you want to cry or are scared. I keep telling myself, though, that I can make it happen. I can get back to normal.”


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Malin has a cheerful attitude, but he says it has been hard for him to stay that way. The musician is getting better through physical rehab, and he will be able to go home later this month. “It’s very humbling to just lay here and not be able to walk,” he said.

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Malin added, “Even though I really think it’s a temporary situation, I’m not going to leave here tomorrow with a leather jacket and a cane and go hang out at a bar. It will take a lot of work and time spent in a wheelchair.

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