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Janelle Monae Girlfriend 2022: Is She Still Dating Tessa Thompson?

Who is dating Janelle Monae? The concept of pansexuality was brought to the forefront earlier this year when Janelle Monae told Rolling Stone that she identifies as such. The singer admitted that she used to identify as bisexual, but that she has since come to accept that “Later, I learned about pansexuality and realized, ‘Oh, these are things that I, too, identify with.'” I’m willing to discover more about my own character.”

Whatever other relationships Monae may have had in the past, it appears that she is currently in a relationship with Tessa Thomspon, an actor. This week, Thompson revealed to Net-A-Porter that she is bisexual “Since of my family, I’m able to take things for granted because they’re so liberating. I’m drawn to both guys and women. We don’t even have to have the discussion if I bring a lady or a man home.”

So, Tessa Thompson, who are you, and what are you, Janelle?

Monáe and Tessa Thompson Gay?

janelle monae girlfriend

Of course, one approach to get to the bottom of a claimed romance is to find out each other’s gender identification. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Janelle was curious about her and Janelle Monae? To learn more, keep reading.

To put it another way, Janelle has no preference for a specific gender in a romantic partner. But she’s willing to date whoever she wants, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Tessa, on the other hand, said in an interview that she is bisexual, which means she is attracted to both men and women.

The two of them could be full-fledged partners if that were the case. Is it safe to assume that they’re dating?

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Is Janelle Monáe Dating Tessa Thompson?

janelle monae girlfriend

Unfortunately, neither Janelle nor Tessa has stated publicly that they are in a relationship. However, they have recently spoken up about the nature of their relationship and why they appear to be so disinterested in being so transparent. “Net-a-Porter,” Thompson said.

The problem is that both Janelle and I are very private people, and we’re both trying to figure out how to balance the need for privacy and space with the want to leverage your position and influence. The freedom and support I receive from my loved ones inspire me to help others in the same way. However, a large number of people do not. Do I have a duty to speak out about it? “Do I have a moral obligation to identify this individual as my own?”

Thompson did refer to Janelle as “her person,” in case you missed it. Whatever you think about that, it’s up to you whether or not you think it’s a sign they’re in love. That so, it seems to us that Thompson could have simply used that as a platonic gesture.

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Tessa Thompson’s Relationship with Janelle Monae:

janelle monae girlfriend

T. Thompson opens out about her relationship with Janelle Monae, revealing that “We love each other passionately” while also coming out as bisexual.

Speaking about her connection with fellow actor Janelle Monae, actress Tessa Thompson reveals that she is bisexual.

When asked about her relationship status with Monae in an interview with Net-a-Porter on Friday, Thompson said, “I’m attracted to men and women” (Moonlight).

Thompson says, “We’re inseparable,” and he’s right. In fact, we’re vibrating at the same frequency because we’re so near. We’re fine with others speculating about who we are. “I’m not bothered by it.”

Thompson’s family accepts her for who she is, regardless of what she chooses to be sexual. We don’t even have to have the discussion if I bring a lady or a man home.”

As a result of this, she feels compelled to speak out publicly about her relationship, even though she knows it will not be met with universal acceptance. “We’re both trying to manage how you reconcile wanting to have that solitude and space, and still wanting to use your platform and impact,” Thompson says of Monae. “We’re both incredibly private individuals.”

When I made the statement about Janelle and myself, I was mindful of that. It is my hope that everyone can enjoy the same freedom and support that I have received from my family and friends,” she continues. Many people don’t, however. Do I have a duty to speak out about it? “Do I have a moral obligation to identify this individual as my own?”

When Thompson appeared briefly in Monae’s “Pynk” music video, peeking out between her legs as she wore “pussy pants,” speculation about their relationship grew. In the wake of Valkyrie’s bisexuality, Thompson’s sexuality was also addressed.

In May 2015, Monae and Thompson posed for a photo at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Gala. Afterward, they appeared together at the 2017 HBO Emmy After-Party in September, the Annihilation premiere in February, the 2018 Essence Black Women In Hollywood Oscars Luncheon in March, and the “Heavenly Bodies” Met Gala in May. Annihilation

“Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has had relationships with both men and women—I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker,” Monae said in Rolling Stone two months ago. Monae wore a rainbow-colored ruffled dress at Sunday’s BET Awards in honor of Pride Month.