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Jake Paul’s Girlfriend: Know About YouTube Personality’s Dating Life!

YouTube sensation Jake Paul has claimed that he wants to propose to the woman he is currently dating. Paul has had a number of girlfriends and a “kind of wife” in the past.

Since 2020, Jake Paul has been romantically linked to a woman identified only as “Julia Rose.”

Who Is Jake Paul Dating Right Now?

jake paul's girlfriend

To the public, Jake Paul and model Julia Rose were an item in August of 2021. Throughout 2020, on and off, speculation mounted as to whether or not the two were an item. They never came out and said they were dating, but it was obvious when Rose showed up at Paul’s fight on April 17th.

Paul told ET Online, “We were simply arguing a lot,” when asked about the reasons for the initial separation. “It was becoming overwhelming because I was becoming angry and unpleasant toward her, and she was becoming equally unpleasant toward me. As a result, she felt the urge to distance herself from the situation.”

He went on to explain how he ‘chased’ after her and eventually convinced her to reconcile with him, spending two thousand dollars on a billboard to grab her attention.

Are Jake Paul and Julia Rose Still Together?

New Orleans native Julia Rose (born December 30, 1993) is a model, podcast co-host, and creator of the sexual publication SHAGMAG. In 2016, after making an appearance on the MTV reality show Are You The One?, she became a household name.

Instagram celebrity Rose has 397,000 followers, including Edyn Mackney, aka “Mack” from Love Island Australia. Rose was temporarily banned from Instagram in 2021, with many believing it was because of the NSFW content of her images.

Rose has a history of public nudity and is a notorious prankster. In 2019, she became known as the “World Series Flasher” after flashing her breasts alongside two friends during Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.

After being spotted with Julia Rose in February 2020, Jake Paul confirmed their relationship in March 2020. Not long after he and his phony “ex-wife” Tana Mongeau had broken up.

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jake Paul Dating History:

Alissa Violet :

Jake’s first high-profile relationship was with Alissa violet, a member of Team 10. Once she relocated to the happy house in 2016, the sparks began to fly between them. All during their relationship, the couple went through ups and downs and traded charges of infidelity via social media. In a lengthy YouTube video published in 2017, Alissa discussed their connection and implied that “Jalissa” did not exist.

Despite their history, Alissa appeared to be on good terms with Jake in December of 2019 when she promoted his song “These Days.”

Tessa Brooks

jake paul's girlfriend

Tessa Brooks kissed Jake in a YouTube video filmed at Coachella in April 2017, but the two never publicly confirmed their romance. After living in the happy home for a while, Tessa announced her departure in January of 2018.

For me, it’s bittersweet because I’m remembering how good it used to be. As unfortunate as the situation may be, it is what it is. In a video posted on YouTube, she stressed the importance of knowing when to release a situation. We’ve matured and have various interests, and that’s fine. It’s no longer something I feel comfortable doing. There are just many issues on which we cannot agree. This isn’t how they used to be at all.

Tess and Jake’s ex Tana filmed an Instagram Story in January 2020, and it caused a commotion among their ardent followers.

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Erika Costell

jake paul's girlfriend

Initially, in 2017, the couple admittedly pretended to feel romantically attracted to one another. As time went on, genuine feelings developed between the two online celebrities, and they remained together until November of 2018.

Jake made a statement on Twitter at the time, saying, “I am reluctantly writing this message and can barely hold it together as I do so.” He was referring to his relationship with Erika Costell. We have been trying to work things out since Erika and I broke up a while ago, but it hasn’t been easy. It became clear to us weeks ago, after much debate and introspection, that we could no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s the best thing for us in the long run.

Also, “[She] has helped me become a better person on several levels,” he said. I will always cherish the memories we made together and be thankful she entered my life. To the best of your ability, please keep our conversation to ourselves. It’s difficult to maintain a public relationship when we’re at such different stages of life. But this is what we’ve decided, so I’m counting on your understanding while we go through this.

Tana Mongeau:

jake paul's girlfriend

Tana and Jake’s relationship began in April of this year. On Tana’s 21st birthday, after months of intense online PDA, Jake proposed to the social media sensation. It looked like they got married in July of this year. Both parties released statements in January 2020 confirming their separation.

Multiple get-togethers between the two former lovers have occurred since. Several times in interviews, Tana has mentioned how she will always hold a particular place in her heart for Jake.

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