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Fans of ‘stranger Things’ Are Becoming Increasingly Alarmed by The Fates of These Characters.

If you missed it, we’re worried about the well-being of every character in the new season of Stranger Things, which premiered on June 21. Is Hawkins a safe place to live? Probably not, but it’s possible. Fans tend to be particularly concerned about Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington, two of the show’s main protagonists, as the season nears its conclusion.

To Sum Up, the Characters of Maya Hawke and Joe Keery

Stranger Things fans are getting *seriously* worried about these characters

Maya Hawke and Joe Keery’s characters, who first met as coworkers at Scoops Ahoy, the mall’s ice cream shop, and then became friends after cracking a code to expose an international conspiracy (with Dustin’s help, of course), have become fan favorites. There hasn’t been a lot of good news for them so far in season four of the show: Robin hasn’t been able to get a date with Vicky; Steve is still dealing with his affections for Nancy (AKA Natalia Dyer), and there’s Vecna.

Fans Believe that Robin Telling Steve

“I have this dreadful feeling it might not work out for us this time,” the teaser is a hint that the couple will not be able to go on without a hitch from season 4. As one Twitter user put it, “Robin saying this when the camera focuses on her and Steve please don’t manifest this on Earth, I can’t lose you guys.”

Tweeted another admirer, who was also concerned “Yeah, things aren’t going well for my daughter. If Steve Harrington dies, I’m coming for you @netflix,” wrote one person, while another added: “Robin Buckley get behind me!” It looks like things are about to get worse if the trailer is any indication.

On July 1, Netflix will premiere the latest season of Stranger Things. In the meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with Robin and Steve.

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