Fans of Love Island Claim Amber Smeared Indiyah and Dami's Relationship in The Wake of Her Appearance.

Fans of Love Island Claim Amber Smeared Indiyah and Dami’s Relationship in The Wake of Her Appearance.

Last night (26 June) Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna featured on Love Island: Aftersun to discuss their stay in the villa and – it’s safe to say – things became extremely murky, pretty quickly. This is Love Island, after all.

After Amber and Ikenna were expelled from the villa, their respective companions Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack swiftly struck up a romance, which has already earned them the label of favorites to win the program.

When queried by Aftersun host Laura Whitmore about their growing connection, Amber appeared to be less than impressed, adding, “They could have waited till we at least had our water bottles out of there.” Ouch.

She said, “Yeah, it was a huge shock, but when it was Ekin-Su and Tasha I was like, ‘Ok, read the room.’

Love Island Fans Say Dami Will Dump Amber as He Pulls Indiyah for Chat

Fans of Love Island Claim Amber Smeared Indiyah and Dami's Relationship in The Wake of Her Appearance.

“I feel like Dami definitely had time to grab me for a discussion in-between chats with [Indiyah]. We had kissed in bed like a true snog, which wasn’t shown. He clearly had time to inform me.”

Amber said that Dami and Indiyah Polack had previously indicated they were “just friends,” adding that she “was a bit astonished” about their relationship: “The woman was too stunned to respond.”

Viewers were quick to pick up on the tension, with one fan tweeting, “Amber didn’t hold back in the Aftersun episode,” while another added, “Amber’s so salty in this Aftersun interview LOOOOOLL.”

Some viewers also remarked on the disparity in Amber and Ikenna’s reactions to the new relationship. When queried by Laura about Dami and Indiyah, Ikenna remarked, “I’m excited for them,” which looked to elicit an eye roll from Amber.

One fan tweeted, “Amber rolling her eyes when Ikenna said he was excited for Dami and Indiyah girl let it go,” while another wrote, “On Aftersun Laura asked her and Ikenna what they think about Dami and Indiyah and Ikenna’s was quite positive but Amber said something like ‘They could have at least waited until we got our water bottles out the villa’. Everything has to be murky with that girl.”

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