Due to Degenerative Disc Disease, Pen Medina Will Undergo Spine Surgery

Due to Degenerative Disc Disease, Pen Medina Will Undergo Spine Surgery

Pen Medina was hospitalised for degenerative disc degeneration and is now scheduled for spine surgery; his family has asked for the public’s help.

The 71-year-old veteran actor’s family made this announcement on his Instagram page today, July 16. According to the California-based healthcare company Cedars Sinai, degenerative disc disease is a disorder where pthe ain is brought on by a damaged spinal disc and is typical in persons over the age of 30.

Medina has been in the hospital for three weeks at this point, and due to his condition, he is unable to sit or stand. On Tuesday, July 19, he is scheduled for a spine procedure.

“Our dad seldom had any job because of the epidemic, which drained his savings over the past two years. We are doing everything we can to assist him, but his road to a full recovery will be difficult, according to Medina’s family. “As our family navigates through assisting him in getting back on his feet, both literally and figuratively, we humbly beg for your charitable support and prayers.”

If you want to give money to Pen Medina and his family, you can do so using the bank accounts or mobile wallet of his daughter Kathleen. If they have any inquiries or well wishes for Medina, they can also digitally contact her by sending an email.

Celebrities like Jake Cuenca, Nikki Valdez, and John Arcilla sent their well wishes to Medina. They joined the request for prayers and donations made by his family.

The TV drama “La Vida Lena,” which was broadcast on iWantTFC from November 2020 to January 2021, is among Medina’s most recent works.

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