DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend

Who Was  DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Darian Lewis, a DJ, and businessman from Houston, Texas, had a promising future. Lewis, who was born on June 24th, turned 23 just a couple of days before she suddenly passed away.

Lewis entered Texas Southern University and began polishing his craft as a DJ, fulfilling a high school goal. She had previously gotten a sizable amount of DJ gear as a graduation gift from her family and saw it as an opportunity to reinvent herself.

DJ D Baby’s Biography:

DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend

Rapper and songwriter DaBaby, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is from the United States. His breakthrough debut studio album, “Baby on Baby,” is what made him most famous. DaBaby was reared in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite being born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the youngest of his parents’ three children. Even as a teenager, he had run-ins with the law. He received his diploma from Charlotte’s “Zebulon B. Vance High School.”

Although he had always been interested in music, he didn’t take being a rapper seriously until roughly 2014. He soon started rapping under the alias “Baby Jesus.” DaBaby rose to notoriety after releasing his debut mixtape, “Nonfiction,” in 2015. However, the 2016 release of his single “Light Show” marked his big breakthrough. Millions of people listened to the song on internet music streaming services.

DaBaby continued to regularly release mixtapes over the ensuing years. The tapes in the “Baby Talk” series gained a lot of traction with the general public. DaBaby revealed that he had a record deal with “Interscope Records” in the early months of 2019. ‘Baby on Baby,’ his first album for a big label, was released in March 2019. The record was a commercial triumph and received worldwide acclaim.

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Dj Died After Falling from Houston Balcony

DJ D Baby’s Girlfriend

Early on July 4th, a rising DJ in Houston’s music scene fell from the balcony of a high-rise apartment building and landed four stories below on a pool deck. The DJ’s girlfriend Nishia Jackson claimed to have been the only person on the balcony that morning and saw her boyfriend climb onto a patio chair and jump over the railing.

I would have had to pick her up and hurl her over, which is absurd. Darian Lewis, better known as DJ D Baby, allegedly passed away more than a week after being admitted to the hospital as a result of the fall, according to her mother.

Terri Lewis posted on Facebook, “Please pray for the family; my heart is heavy and sorrowful.” My only daughter, who is also my oldest, had a change.
Lewis died in what appeared to be an accident, but Houston police have said the incident is still being investigated, according to the local media.

The DJ’s father told Fox 26 Houston that they would trust the system and let everyone to carry out their duties.

Darian Lewis, who identified herself as the “youngest female DJ in Houston,” was a burgeoning celebrity on social media as of Thursday, with more than 27,000 followers on Instagram. Her father commented, “She did things others my age, 56, haven’t done.”

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About Nisha Jackson:

Nishia Jackson was the girlfriend of DJ D Baby. They used to hang out together frequently and have been dating for a while. She is upset and depressed after losing her spouse.

After learning of DJ D Baby’s passing, her partner, Nishia Jackson, blogged about the occasion on Facebook.
In his statement, Jackson stated, “I’ve chosen to break my silence, not necessarily for you all, but for she and I. I’ve been struggling a lot and am in a bad place. This sentiment is genuine. I have nothing except the utmost love for Darian. I was trying to protect her.

She ran to the patio and I had no reason to believe that what happened next would ever occur. I rushed from the door to her as soon as she sat down on the patio chair, but she passed out before I could assist her. As she actually happened in front of my eyes, I heard her fall.

Jackson claims that she went to her defense and quickly dialed for assistance. When Lewis was admitted to the hospital, she was in critical condition, and her family was hoping for the best for her.