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Daniel Kaluuya Girlfriend: Is Amandla Crichlow and Daniel Kaluuya Dating? Know Here!

Daniel Kaluuya has been establishing himself as one of the up-and-coming performers to watch for the past five years. The British actor made his directorial debut in Jordan Peele’s Get Out before going on to star in a number of successful movies, including Black Panther and Peele’s Nope in 2022. Even in 2021, he won an Oscar for his performance in Judas and the Black Messiah. It’s obvious that the young star’s illustrious film career is only getting started.

But what about the background? Kaluuya has so far kept his private life quite quiet, especially when it comes to relationships. Although Kaluuya has never publicly discussed his love life, the actor has been spotted at red carpet events with Amandla Crichlow for a number of years.

Who Is Daniel Kaluuya Dating?

daniel kaluuya girlfriend

Kaluuya has never disclosed his relationship status and is highly secretive about his dating life. Actually, she jokingly inquired of him in a 2022 interview for Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date series, “Would you say you have time for a girlfriend right now?” The actor said, “I don’t know — uh — sure,” with an uneasy giggle.

However, all indications go to the Nope actor dating Amandla Crichlow.

Although we are unsure of the precise circumstances surrounding their initial encounter, Kaluuya and Chriclow were first noticed together in 2017 when they attended the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Since then, they have shared the red carpet at a number of occasions, such as the 2018 Golden Globes, the Black Panther premiere, the SAG Awards, and the 90th Academy Awards. In 2019, the couple was also sighted at the Queen & Slim movie’s after-party.

It’s Date night someplace.. for someone, right? is what makeup artist Amber Amos wrote beside a sweet shot of the couple after one event. It seems to corroborate their relationship.

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This couple not only appears to be dating, but they also work together. According to a later Deadline story, Crichlow started working as a producer at Daniel Kaluuya production business, 59 percent, in 2019. At the time, Kaluuya remarked, “I’ve been fortunate to do work that connects to audiences I empathize with while pushing the envelope on what’s possible. In order to bridge the gap between the next generation of storytellers and studios, “59 percent will be the home to continue that in a producing capacity.”

The Kitchen and a live-action Barney movie were two projects the two were reportedly working on in 2021, according to The Guardian. Kaluuya described Barney as “a ubiquitous presence in many of our childhoods, [who] faded into the shadows, left misunderstood.” He and Crichlow appear to approach storytelling and filming similarly.

Who Is Amandla Crichlow?

Amandla Crichlow, a British actress, and producer, may not be well-known, but she comes from an interesting past.

Crichlow is the daughter of the renowned British civil rights activist Frank Crichlow, whose Trinidadian restaurant the Mangrove in London’s Notting Hill served as a gathering place for the Mangrove 9 during the 1970s Civil Rights movement. This occurred as a result of a number of racist attacks on the establishment. Frank served as one of the key characters in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe episode Mangrove, which you might probably recall.

Lenora Crichlow, Crichlow’s famous sister who has been in Fast Girls, Doctor Who, Suspects, Black Mirror, and The Bill, is another well-known actress.

Crichlow has experience both on and off the screen, similar to Kaluuya. She has made acting appearances in two short films, Holby City, The Bill, Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act, and Holby City. She has also contributed behind the scenes to UK programs like The Good Karma Hospital, Decline and Fall, and Curfew as a producer, screenplay consultant, and production coordinator. From 2016 until 2018, Crichlow was also listed as the director of a production firm called Mangrove Productions, likely named after her father’s well-known eatery.

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Amandla Crichlow is a person whom we don’t know a lot about, but she undoubtedly comes from a remarkable family. Someone, please confirm before I start staging this Black British royalty romance, as showrunner and author Amanda Parris once tweeted. These two are certainly being staggered already.

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