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Chris Rock Goes Off on Will Smith and Tells the Whole Truth After the Slap a Year Later!

According to the comedian who hosted the most recent Oscars ceremony, Will Smith slapped Jada Pinkett Smith because he is still bitter about her infidelity. Just days before the Oscars, Chris Rock reflected on the night he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia and got slapped by Will Smith in front of an audience. Rock, the event’s host, supposedly brought up the night the interpreter won the Oscar for Best Actor in The Williams Method, the pardon, and Smith’s veto at multiple upcoming awards of the Hollywood Academy of Film Arts and Sciences.

Chris Rock says that Will Smith’s frustration with his wife’s infidelity is the result of the price she and her lover paid for him.

Chris Rock

Smith, who has been making jokes about the scandal for the past few weeks, was given an honorary award just a few days ago and is once again accepted into Hollywood’s warm embrace, after being shunned for several months. Despite his many responses to videos in which he begged for forgiveness, Rock has always maintained that he has no interest in playing the victim. “Don’t call me a victim, aunt. Not even Oprah or Gayle King could get me to cry on air. Nothing of the sort will ever occur. Just like Pacquiao, I absorbed the blow “It’s something he said a few months ago.

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“To be honest, I wouldn’t ordinarily bring that up, but they posted it online. I just don’t see why they would, “He reflects on the time when Will Smith’s wife was unfaithful. Rock, who recently debuted a program on Netflix, spoke with NBC about his feelings that night and the truth behind the infamous coup. She injured him more than me, the comic adds, adding that he was just there to take the hit. “To make matters worse, he strikes who? I, the confident winner, “As he puts it. “I dunno, Will Smith uses selective outrage. Discriminatory Outrage “, he elaborates.

Chris Rock

“Absolutely no one thinks I had anything to do with it, and that’s a fact. In my case, there were no ties that could be said to have “he was there for him both on and off set, watching his movies and cheering him on the whole time. “For the record, Will Smith had my undying adoration. It’s been my favorite thing forever… His films were among the best ever made.

And now all I want to do is watch Towards Freedom to see how badly he gets beaten. Chris, why didn’t you do something? is a question often asked? Seeing as how I do have parents. Do you know the lessons I was given? It’s best to avoid confrontation in front of the white people, “Thus, he drew a conclusion.

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