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The Stranger Things Star Caleb McLaughlin Wants to Play Static Shock

Although the final season of Stranger Things is still ahead of him, actor Caleb McLaughlin has already set his sights on one superhero job.

McLaughlin responded that he wants to get into superhero films, with one character in mind, when asked if he was interested in any upcoming opportunities during a Q&A session at Heroes Comic Con Belgium 2022 in Brussels.

“What more movies could I enjoy?” I’d like to direct a superhero movie. In all honesty, McLaughin added, I would really like to play Static Shock (via screen Rant). I would like to accomplish something heroic, or possibly something else entirely. I would be willing to play any role.

Sincerity is damned, I think I can play anyone. I believe that what speaks to me most about movies is the way I choose them. Additionally, I’m working on my own projects that will be released.

But not soon, soon. However, in reality, it really doesn’t matter. It just depends on what creative project speaks to me.

Given that DC did really declare that a Static Shockfilm was in development a few years ago, McLaughlin may be entering the fray with this. It’s unclear at this time whether the project is really moving forward because a lot has since been announced regarding it.

Since the project’s introduction, it has been claimed that Randy McKinnon is the writer and Michael B. Jordan is the producer.

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The alter persona of Virgil Hawkins, Static Shock, made his debut in the 1993 issue of the now-defunct Milestone Comics, which was formed by Black writers and artists in an effort to foster a more welcoming environment.

He eventually made his way into the mainstream DC Comics line in 2008 after gaining more notoriety through the animated series Static Shock Kids WB, in which he was voiced by Samurai Jack actor Phil LaMarr. The plot involved the titular teenager becoming a superhero after being exposed to a strange gas and developing electromagnetic powers.

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