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Brooke Eden Girlfriend: Is American Singer Dating Hilary Hoover? All You Need to Know

Two people got engaged. Joy! It’s a marriage proposal double-double for Hilary Hoover and Brooke Eden.

For the first time in their five-year relationship, the singer and radio promoter plan a lavish proposal. “I guess now would be the right time to ask, will you be my wife?” says the singer.

She double-checked her response two more times.

Both Brooke Eden and Hilary Hoover, the country singer’s long-term partner, have chosen to move forward with their widely anticipated engagement.

Exclusive to PEOPLE, Eden, 32, reveals that the 50/50 rule has always been a big part of her life. “We started dating on December 8th, 2015, and by Christmas of that year, I had bought us both matching necklaces that stated “50/50.” That’s just the way we’ve been from the beginning: equal partners.”

Who Is Brooke Eden’s Girlfriend?

Brooke Eden Girlfriend

“So I assume it was conveyed in our offerings, as well,” says Hilary Hoover, a 31-year-old radio advertising.
A double surprise was pulled off by both Hoover and the “Got No Choice” performer at the same time.

Eden’s record label employed Hoover, who is now linked to Garth Brooks, at the time of their first meeting. Both of them had been looking forward to getting engaged for the previous 18 months since Eden made her sexual orientation public.

‘I informed her that I was going to make her go first,’ Hoover alleges.’ “When I looked at her two or three months ago, I could tell she was ready to go.” In response, she says, “I’m here.” And at that point my mind shifts to “Okay, everything’s on the table.” The order may be maintained regardless of what happens.”

As it turned out, Hoover was the victor in this battle. His plan was to wake Brooke Eden up on May 13th, which was a Thursday, with a card notifying her of a surprise trip they were going to embark on.

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In his own words, “I didn’t say those exact words — ‘I’m proposing to you today,'” Hoover claims, “but I was kind of like sure, today’s the day.”

The greeting cards kept arriving at each new location as Hoover used written words to express her emotions and heighten the excitement on their journey. When Eden got their ticket in hand at the airport, she learned that they were flying to Sedona, Arizona, one of their favorite vacation spots. A few hours after they landed in Phoenix, Hoover’s prepared luggage with the couple’s proposal-worthy clothes had not arrived.

Brooke Eden Girlfriend

The irony is lost on Hoover, who now says, “Come on if nothing goes according to plan! That’s how I think the plan was supposed to go.”

After the resort upgraded the couple to a room with a private pool, Hoover came up with a solution. Just as the sun began to set, Hoover made his way to the shore with one more card, and the two women changed into their swimsuits, which they had packed in their carry-on luggage. Eden was able to unlock the door once she was in the pool.

He wrote to her, “I’ve been giving you cards all day because I knew I wouldn’t be able to say anything, so I guess now would be the right time to ask, shall we become husband and wife?”

In the blink of an eye, Hilary Hoover recognized that taking a knee would result in her head submerging underwater and so she had to rethink her strategy. In her hands, she was grasping the rings (there were numerous, as I’ll explain later).

Hoover remembered telling Eden, “Listen, I had all these other plans today.” “I had planned to propose in a more appropriate setting, one where we were both dressed and not simply in bathing suits,” I said. I don’t see any problem with proposing to you in a swimming pool at this precise moment, because we both adore water.”

When Eden looks back on the emotional moment she said yes and the four rings were placed on her finger, she exclaims, “It was magnificent.

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How Did It All Start:

brooke eden girlfriend

Their stunning rings are the result of months of shopping, the pair claims. They got matching stacking rings in late 2013. Two tiara-shaped gold bands and a solitaire diamond make up the other three components of Eden’s jewelry. A solitaire diamond, two bands shaped like tiaras, one with turquoise accents, and two diamond pavé bands were among the five rings Hoover selected. Because of their novel approach, they won’t need a separate wedding band.

Eden claims that the rings in the quartet and quintet can be changed out or reconfigured. We were blown away by their brilliance.

Relaxing, taking in the desert environment, and going into the rock formations to recreate Hoover’s proposal posture were the final activities the pair did in Sedona.

In spite of this, Hoover returned to his hotel room with his own ring finger intact. The wonderful secret that Eden had kept hidden was that the following weekend, back in Nashville, she had already planned her surprise marriage proposal, and PEOPLE were participating in the scheme!

For a PEOPLE interview at the newly opened Virgin Hotel on Music Row, the pair dressed to the nines and had their hair and makeup done last Saturday.

But when they arrived at the rooftop patio, there was no one to interview. Hoover looked at the barren landscape, but something didn’t add up.

A defeated Eden answered, “Yes. I will propose to you.” Eden admitted defeat. Eden’s plan necessitated that a People interview be put on hold until after the interview.

At this point, Hoover couldn’t help but wonder where Eden’s engagement rings were. A few moments later, Dolly, the couple’s Maltese-Yorkie-poodle mix dog, emerged from hiding, her collar tied with the five bands. Eden had asked a friend for help in bringing their gorgeous dog along to the party.

brooke eden girlfriend

Do Hilary and the rest of the group still think that Dolly is the biggest surprise at this point? Eden says so, at least.

Just a second. Waiting on an adjacent stairwell were a few close friends and members of Hoover’s family. To commemorate their upcoming nuptials, a large number of them traveled to Nashville.

Hoover was taken aback by the sight of so many people crammed onto the terrace for an engagement party. She believes that was just the frosting on the cake. Because I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s presence, I naturally chose a proposal that involved just the two of us.” That my entire family would all be in Nashville was a complete surprise to me. With words like “I’m impressed with you,” I frequently gushed over Eden. I had a feeling you were up to something because you’d worked so hard to get everyone here.”

“Her family is inoculated as a whole,” Eden explains, blaming the wonders of modern medicine for the impressive turnout during this pandemic. We’ve all had our shots. We’ve been shot to death. Alternatively, I might say, “Let’s get going!”

In anticipation of their upcoming nuptials in 2019, the two women have taken on the label of “fiancées.” They’ll have to work around the fact that Eden’s career has been boosted by the release of three-hit new singles and their accompanying music videos (which also feature Hoover).

It’s hard to believe that their wedding will surpass their grandiose proposals in any way.

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Brooke Eden Is Engaged!

brooke eden girlfriend

Since we’ve been together for five years, it should come as no surprise that we’re excited to tie the knot. We’ll be happy to spend time with everyone we care about at the wedding, but I don’t see it as a significant step for us.

Eden is in agreement, and she considers this to be of the utmost importance. As she put it, “our families and friends are finally coming together” because of the wedding. The speaker continued, “If everyone were present, we would be so happy.” What do you think I’d do if you put me in the basement?”

Eden relishes her newfound freedom from having to keep secrets from Hoover.

That “was really the hardest part,” as she recalls. “We have a good working relationship. Before making any decisions, I always check with Hil to make sure we’re on the right track. I’ve been unable to do it for the previous few months. It is safe to say that she will always be mine now that we are engaged and I have my buddy back.”