Bob Menery Girlfriend Summer Sheekey

Who Is Bob Menery Girlfriend Summer Sheekey? Meet The Couple On Instagram

Summer Sheekey’s boyfriend, Bob Menery, is an American sports broadcaster and comedian.. Summer Sheekey’s boyfriend, Bob Menery, is a well-known American sports host and comedian. Follow us to stay up to date on celebrity and leisure news.

Who Is Summer Sheekey?

bob menery girlfriend summer

He’s also a writer and serves wild buffalo wings during sporting events. The Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles is another place where he’s worked for almost five years now.

Summer Sheekey is Bob Menery‘s girlfriend in the United States. A year later, on March 12, 2022, Menery wrote about how he felt about the passing of Summer. He and his girlfriend have talked about the fact that he has to be married. Even if they committed mistakes, they couldn’t avoid each and every one of them.

Summer and Bob had been apart for 8 years. On June 10, 1987, Bob was born in Massachusetts, and he is now 34 years old. Summer was born on September 9, 1995, in New Jersey. She is 26 years old in this scenario.

Bob Menery and Summer Sheekey Dating Life and Relationships:

bob menery girlfriend summer

Bob has not disclosed anything about his previous relationships based on his profile, which we found to be quite telling. Summer Sheekey, the video author with whom he is currently involved, and has a wonderful and loving connection. He recently revealed on Instagram that he had a romantic affinity with the season of summer.

Furthermore, he has explained how their relationship began and how they are participating in it. They appear to enjoy each other’s company rather than regretting their many mistakes. In addition, Bob has mentioned that Summer and horses go on and on.

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Bob Menery Girlfriend Age Difference:

On the sports broadcast, Menery is noted for his distinct voice. He is a social media influencer with over 3.1 million followers on Instagram. First and foremost, his career as a stand-up comedy has evolved over time.

Summer is also an accomplished filmmaker. Almost half a million people were following her on YouTube. To add to that, he or she joined on March 1st, 2013. Jersey gal living in Los Angeles. In addition, she frequently posts films regarding her health, beauty, and fashion.

Her videos are also published on Wednesdays and Fridays. She was sick for a week and a half before posting her YouTube video. She has revealed that she has flu, not covid. My week in the life of the fox has just recently been documented by her.

The videos and makeup tutorials she’s been working on, though, have taken a lot of time. Many of her fans were enamored with her make-up and asked that she write instructions for it. has taken this article and republished it without permission. You were compelled to continue stealing our content.

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Summer, meantime, is currently residing in LA. There has been a long-standing connection between them, but they have not discussed much one another.

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