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Arnold Schwarzenegger Girlfriend 2022: Who Is American Actor Dating? Relationships & Affairs

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an extremely tough actor who has starred in blockbuster films like Terminator. He had the best physique in the world and was the best bodybuilder in the world before he made it big in Hollywood. Many other bodybuilders look up to him as an inspiration and want to emulate his wealth and success.

He shot to fame as one of the sport’s elite, gaining international renown for his physique. He has acted in, produced, and directed a plethora of films. As the 38th governor of California, he was a prominent figure in the state’s political scene.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria to Czech parents but holds dual citizenship in the United States and Austria. Arnold’s older brother is named Meinhard. Arnold’s dad served during WWII.


No one in Arnold’s family had a lot of money. There was a severe lack of funds, and a refrigerator was the most luxurious item they owned. Arnold Schwarzenegger fulfilled a lifelong ambition and became a bodybuilder. He began his bodybuilding career in 1960 and never looked back, eventually becoming a global icon in the sport.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

According to our data, the 75-year-old Austrian actor is currently seeing Heather Milligan. Arnold Schwarzenegger avoids the spotlight and media attention at all costs, therefore we don’t hear much about his private life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged girlfriends and former relationships have been the subject of conflicting rumors and speculation. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, we check all of our data against a variety of public databases and web resources, including DatingRumor.com.

Updating and improving the quality of our dating data is a top priority. In August of 2022, we added fresh date-related content to this page. Have any updated information on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love life?

Dating History:

Barbara Outland

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

After becoming the youngest ever to win the Mr. Universe title in 1968, Arnold Schwarzenegger immigrated to the United States. The professional bodybuilder’s goal was to become a Hollywood actor. Barbara Outland was a student when he first met her.

Together, the pair settled in for the following six years. Arnold’s determination to pursue a profession in bodybuilding put a strain on his relationship. Barbara mentioned in an interview how unlike they were. Barbara desired marriage and a quiet life, whereas Arnold despised the concept of a normal existence.

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Sue Moray

In 1977, Arnold confirmed his open relationship with Hollywood hairdresser Sue Moray. Sue Moray verified that the couple was romantically involved and devoted to one another while Arnold was a local resident. They couldn’t date anybody else while Arnold was in town, but they could see whoever they wanted.

Arnold’s relationship with Sue Moray lasted for four years. He met and started seeing Maria Shriver during his open relationship with Sue Moray. Arnold began his double life at this time. Arnold’s involvement in such dishonesty and adultery was also novel.

Maria Shriver

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver first met, it was in 1977 at the Robert F. Kennedy pro-celebrity tennis tournament. After some time had passed, they began dating. Arnold kept his friendship with Moray open even after he realised his feelings for Shriver.

Arnold cheated on Maria Shriver multiple times while they were together, and he never even tried to hide it. When Arnold proposed to Maria, she declined his advances on two separate occasions. When Arnold proposed for a third time in August of 1985, she said yes. In April of 1986, they tied the knot.

The media has speculated and scrutinised Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s relationship with great intensity because of rumours of betrayal, hurt, and extramarital affairs. Maria Shriver filed for divorce from Arnold in 2011. They had been married for 25 years at the time.

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Brigitte Nielsen

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s many extramarital romances with his female co-stars have been widely documented in the tabloid press. The relationship he had with model Brigitte Nielsen was widely reported. Brigitte and Arnold worked together in Red Sonja, and that’s where they first crossed paths.

In an interview given in 2012, Arnold discussed his infidelity. He admitted that he was seeing Brigitte Nielsen. When she asked him to accept her as a wife or lady, he said he refused.

Gigi Goyette

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

Arnold had a handful of indiscretions while married to Maria Shriver. The news constantly followed the progress of his romantic life. Author Ian Halperin’s “The Governator” includes a chapter in which Arnold’s affair with co-star Gigi Goyette is discussed.

The Hollywood picture “Little House on the Prairie” co-starred Schwarzenegger and Goyette. After Schwarzenegger’s 2011 divorce from Shriver, Goyette gave an interview in which she admitted to having an affair with the actor. Arnold said he and Goyette were just friends.

Rachel Ticotin

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

Arnold’s involvement with his “Total Recall” co-star Rachel Ticotin was also speculated upon. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rachel TIcotin’s affair has been strongly suggested by a number of events.

The two actors were coy when asked about their romance. Arnold and Rachel have never addressed their relationship in public. You have no idea that 15 women accused Arnold of sexual misconduct during his presidential campaign.

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Mildred Baena

arnold schwarzenegger girlfriend 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with Mildred Baena, who worked as a housekeeper for the family. In 1996, Baena had her first child. They noticed that her son Joseph looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger told Joseph he was his father in 2011. Shriver sued for divorce soon after the news broke, and he eventually got it in 2021, a full decade after the news broke.

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