Armand Duplantis's Girlfriend

Who Is Armand Duplantis’s Girlfriend? Know All About Desiré Inglander

Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, a Swedish pole vaulter who was born in America, will enter the next Tokyo Olympics as a gold medal favorite. In February 2020, the young gun startled the world by setting back-to-back world records of 6.17 and 6.18 in the same week.

Armand Duplantis first gained international attention after winning a hard-fought silver medal at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, despite the fact that the pole vaulting superstar still maintains world records in numerous age divisions. Since then, the 21-year-old hasn’t turned back and has won every competition he attended. He was the youngest person to get the World Athletics World Athlete of the Year title in 2020.

The world’s top athlete also has a lot going on off the track. The defending European champion is presently dating Desiré Inglander, a model from Sweden. You should be well aware of her.

Who is, Armand Duplantis’s girlfriend, Desiré Inglander?

armand duplantis girlfriend

Armand Duplantis, a Swedish pole vaulter, is presently dating Desiré Englander, a Swedish model. The couple has been dating for nearly a year, and they frequently post cute photos of one another on social media. Midsummer Eve, one of Sweden’s oldest and most significant celebrations, was the day they first met.

“I did, in fact, find love. In February 2021, quoted Armand Duplantis as saying, “We first met on Midsummer Eve last year and were together until the end of summer, and now it’s definitely gotten more serious.”

He continued by describing the effect the relationship had on his life. “Of course, it impacts me personally, but I’m not sure how it will impact my performance as a pole vaulter. We’ll see if I get better. He told the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, “That’s the way life should be, you meet new people and experience new things.

Desiré Englander was described by Armand Duplantis as “a really beautiful and cool person,” and he admitted to falling for the Swedish charm. Voce Model Agency, which has offices in London and Istanbul, is the model’s current agency.

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How Did They Meet?

According to rumors, Armand Duplantis and girlfriend Desiré Englander met for the first time at the Midsummer festival in Sweden the previous year.

It is true that I found love, he said in a February interview with Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Our relationship undoubtedly became more serious when we initially met on Midsummer Eve of the previous year and remained together through the end of the summer.

She undoubtedly didn’t first believe that I had genuine intentions, he added in his statement to Sportbladet. I had to offer proof.

But if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t blindly put my faith in anyone. You need to back up your claims with deeds rather than simply words. Over time, I had to demonstrate that I was a decent young man, ha! Moreover, I promised to respect her. I believe it converted her.

Duplantis and Englander celebrated their romance by taking a photo together at the celebrations this year and posting it to his Instagram. revealed earlier this year that shortly after Tokyo, Duplantis, and girlfriend Desiré Inglander relocated to Stockholm.

On Kungsholmen Island in the Swedish capital, they live in an apartment. According to, Duplantis started to UNT, “I have always believed Stockholm is a lovely city. It’s so lovely there in the summer, and my girlfriend is there.

“I adore the location. Because her family resides nearby, I have visited them frequently.

Desire attended the World Athletics Championships to see her partner recently shatter the world record. Before kissing him, she posted a video of the moment he broke the record on social media.

Armand Duplantis Career Achievements

Armand has won several competitions in the junior division in addition to earning a silver medal at the World Championships and being the European champion. At the 2017 European Junior Championships and the 2018 World Junior Championships, he took home a gold medal each time. At the moment, Duplantis is the top-ranked pole vaulter in the entire globe.

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Armand Duplantis Coach and Parents

armand duplantis girlfriend

It is unusual for an athlete’s parents to also serve as his coaches. However, Armand is such a unique individual. Both his mother and father serve as his mentors. Duplantis was born into a sporting family; his Swedish mother Helena is a former heptathlete and volleyball player, while his American father Greg Duplantis is a former pole vaulter with a personal best of 5.80m. Sports were also pursued by his younger sister Johanna, his two elder brothers Andreas and Antoine, and himself.

Duplantis was destined to become a world-beater since athletics were in his blood. He will only have the yellow metal as his target when he steps onto the field in Tokyo. At a competition as significant as the Olympics, it is quite uncommon for someone to begin as the clear favorite to win.

Armand Duplantis Net Worth

Given that he only recently rose to fame, Armand has a stunning $4 million in projected net worth. He has mostly acquired this through his pole vaulting career. Additionally, Duplantis’ affiliation with Red Bull has contributed to his rise in wealth.