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Agt Contestant Jackie Evancho Claims that Her Battle with Anorexia Has Left Her with The ‘bones of An 80-Year-Old’

Her battle with anorexia has left Jackie Evancho with the bones of an “80-year-old,” she says.

After a vehicle accident in 2021 left her with a damaged back, the 22-year-old singer realized it was time to seek help for her eating condition.

Breaks like those seen in 80-year-olds were disclosed by the AGT alum. “That’s how I found out that I had osteoporosis because of my eating disorders. Then at the age of 22, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.”

As a result, Jackie’s weight gain while healing “really messed me up with my eating habits, because I was gaining weight to heal,” she recalls.

Agt Contestant Jackie Evancho Claims that Her Battle with Anorexia Has Left Her with The 'bones of An 80-Year-Old'

It was in October 2021 when 12-year-old Jackie Evancho entered an inpatient facility after winning a reality show at the age of 12. She informed People magazine that she now sees a dietitian and therapist in addition to undergoing eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) treatment, “a sort of psychotherapy that she thinks will help her process previous trauma and get her anorexia under control.

“Mildly diet” and “regular exercise” were the two things she opted to do after noticing that she appeared “a bit bigger” at the age of 15.

After her mother told her she had “baby fat,” the youngster decided to drastically reduce her calorie intake and increase her exercise routine.

In her brain, she thought, “I know this isn’t normal,” as she started going days without eating. “At first, I was drained, depressed, and crying, but after a while, I stopped feeling anything.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began therapy at the age of 17 and the lack of distractions made things even worse.

After spending time in Nashville, Jackie plans to release her ninth EP later this year. This is “painting with the blood; it’s opening old wounds, but making something beautiful out of something awful,” she admitted

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