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Adam22 Girlfriend: Know About American You Tuber Dating Life!

Adam John Grandmaison, better known online as Adam22, was born in the United States on November 24, 1983. His work as the creator and host of the pop culture-focused podcast No Jumper has earned him the most notoriety. Grandmaison took up BMX riding at a young age and loved hip-hop music, particularly the phrase from Gucci Mane’s popular song “Bricks,” “I’m ballin’ like an athlete but got no Jumper.” No Jumper, the title of his upcoming blog, was inspired by this. Grandmaison has frequently brought up this in interviews and on his podcast.

Philip J. Grandmaison, the father of Grandmaison, who was one of former President Bill Clinton’s initial supporters in 1992, was close friends with Clinton. Clinton pardoned Grandmaison’s father in December 2000 after he had previously been found guilty of voter mail fraud in 1996.

Adam22 Dating?

Adam22 Girlfriend

Adam and Lena The Plug began dating. John Grandmaison is also called Adam22. Hip-hop tastemaker Adam 22. His personal YouTube channel is where he publishes podcasts and Vlogs. They first got together in 2016. This indicates that they have been dating for almost five years. Additionally, they both have videos on one another’s YouTube channels. Adam22 revealed in an interview that they are in a semi-open relationship. In 2020, they gave birth to a girl they named Parker. Recently, the couple also became engaged.

Dayum! I feel like we could all use a fiancé like Adam. Because he undoubtedly understands how to lavishly shower his lady with gifts. Last but not least, Lana’s 30th birthday was celebrated by the couple and their close friends. We are certainly delighted for them. I’m eager to see their engagement photos.

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Who Is Lena the Plug?

Lena, whose real name is Lena Nersesian, hasn’t followed what a lot of people consider to be the typical path to success. But in a short time, she has achieved remarkable success. She has developed a strategy for appealing to her supporters’ wants over time, which is the key to her brand’s growth.

Lena, who later became an internet sensation, was brought up by very devout Christians. She earned a psychology degree from the University of California and graduated. She started graduate school but couldn’t finish because of money issues. She, therefore, began employment at a social media startup.

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How’s Lena the Plug and Adam 22’s Relationship?

The couple first got together in 2016 and have been dating since. Additionally, they both have videos on one another’s YouTube channels. They recently got engaged and welcomed their first child in 2020 despite being in a “semi-open relationship.” On his YouTube channel, Adam shared a vlog in which he proposed to Lana and surprised her with a romantic trip to Malibu. He also slipped a stunning diamond ring on her finger.

Lena and Adam demonstrated that they can create a happy family in the face of rumors and accusations. Many people congratulated the pair and expressed their views on their union in their remarks. Happy to see more nice comments than the usual unpleasant ones, one admirer wrote in response to the post.

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