A New Timeline Twist Just Changed the Game for Westworld Season 4

A New Timeline Twist Just Changed the Game for Westworld Season 4

Viewers have just witnessed a host-version of Caleb’s daughter Frankie breaking apart, allowing Charlotte’s parasite mind-control flies to invade his brain before the fourth episode of Westworld Season 4 aired. She was successful, but Caleb and Maeve, who were engaged in a separate conflict with the Man in Black, were still able to capture Charlotte and flee, albeit with significant combat injuries. Maeve hurried Caleb to a demolition site on the outskirts of the Roaring ’20s park after he had been shot in the abdomen. However, after a sad turn of events, the timeline started to become murky once more.

First, the Construction Site for The Park Detonated

First, the construction site for the park detonated, killing both Maeve and the Man in Black. Still inside with Charlotte, Caleb started to become disoriented. He was still suffering from the fly parasite. The prisoner’s response to his question about his location led up to the most recent Westworld narrative twist. “When, not where, is the question you should be asking. She asked, “How long have you been here?” stating that the purpose of the question was to create a baseline of “fidelity” during the interview.

23 Years Ago, Caleb “died in That Park.”

A New Timeline Twist Just Changed the Game for Westworld Season 4

Caleb was horrified to find his crimson bullet wound had healed and looked down to realize he wasn’t really himself. “Well, you are a version of yourself. I think it’s the 278th? Before telling him what he had missed during the time jump, Charlotte informed him. According to her, Caleb “died in that park” 23 years prior. During that period, her mind-control parasite had initially been effective on adults, but their fully grown brains proved to be too difficult to modify. As a result, she started infecting kids and allowed the parasite to thrive “in perfect harmony” with their brains. She said, “It took a generation for those kids to grow up, for me to fully take over your universe.

Caleb Realized What Had Happened

A New Timeline Twist Just Changed the Game for Westworld Season 4

Caleb ran out of the building and into the same New York City-like world that Christina (Evan Rachel Wood’s new character) has been living in this season, complete with a massive sound tower to control humanity, after finding himself suddenly in the Olympiad headquarters rather than the park where he had apparently died 23 years earlier. All the people on the walkway stopped as he unintentionally ran into a stranger, and as Charlotte moved through the throng, Caleb realized what had happened. He said, “You won,” to which Charlotte responded, “Welcome to my world.” Caleb is about to be dragged away by two men as they place a bag over his head.

This information also shed light on the mystery surrounding the female resistance fighter Bernard worked with in the previous episode to unearth a weapon hidden in the desert that may rescue the planet. The woman, who has only been identified as “C,” told Bernard that she has her “personal motives for digging,” even though the other members of her group might not think they’ll succeed in finding the weapon they’re looking for. He informed her, “You’re looking for your father.” Bernard said that “C” has never genuinely thought that her father is dead since she was a youngster despite “Consistency “‘s that dad is gone. Her answer? They claim that it occurred here. If it’s true, a body will be there.

Although a body was discovered, it wasn’t her father’s. Bernard informed her that “Caleb isn’t here,” suggesting that C was probably a grown Frankie. However, the item I promised you is there. Maeve’s body was lying there, submerged in the sand.

Given that there were seven years between the events of Season 3 and the Season 4 opener, Bernard’s voyage to The Sublime, where time exists on a different plane, must have taken much longer. The fourth season of Westworld starts around 2060, which the Man in Black alluded to when he said that World War I ended 150 years ago (even though the arithmetic doesn’t exactly work up). The scenes from the Roaring ’20s occur during that time. But there’s also a chronology that takes place around 2083, given Frankie’s age and the details from Charlotte’s speech.

Given that Maeve’s body has been located by Bernard and C, alias Frankie, her resurrection must be close at hand. That implies that she will make a second attempt to redeem the world and give the general populace back their right to free will in the 2083 narrative. Though the HBO series hasn’t formally stated that Christina, who recently went on a date with James Marsden’s new Teddy Flood clone character, is also present in that time period, it’s quite likely that they will both play a part in the season’s second-half heroics.

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