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A Look Into Post Malone’s History when He Was at The Height of His Binge Drinking, His Fiancée Saved His Life.

In Post Malone’s life, huge changes have occurred, and they’ve all been positive. With the release of Twelve Carat Toothache, the singer-rapper and his newly revealed fiancée welcomed their first child together. Malone has returned from a lengthy promotional tour in support of his new album, and he recently spoke on The Howard Stern Show to talk about his professional and personal problems.

How He Was Beginning to Fear for His Life?

He Opened up For the First Time About how His Drinking Had Gotten out Of Hand and How He Was Beginning to Fear for His Life.

“I couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks,” he recalled. “It got to a pretty tough point.” To describe the situation: “It was a combination of screwdriver cocktails with vodka; body-shaking fifths of vodka; and chatting to individuals who weren’t f*cking here.” He stated he’s “responsible now” when it comes to his drinking and that prominent buddies like Justin Bieber have given him “so much wisdom.”

When It Came to Making Lasting Changes in His Life

Post Malone Details How Fiancée Saved His Life During Height Of Excessive Drinking

Post-Malone realized that he needed to “do a lot less talking and a lot more listening” rather than just blabbering on about his problems. As time went on, his fiancée served as a guiding light for him

For the first time in years, the man added, “I met someone who restored my faith in humanity.” “He leads you out of darkness and into the light. She literally saved my life—quite it’s an accomplishment.”

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