"90 Day Fiancé": Emily May Be Pregnant Again, and It Couldn't Come at A Worse Time

“90 Day Fiancé”: Emily May Be Pregnant Again, and It Couldn’t Come at A Worse Time

In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s new episode of 90-day fiancé, Emily and Kobe boast about the possibility of another pregnancy. The couple is not financially stable and currently resides with Emily’s parents and their small son, Coban, at their parents’ place. While they are still living under her roof, her father requested that she not get pregnant again.

Emily and Kobe Met in China

"90 Day Fiancé": Emily May Be Pregnant Again, and It Couldn't Come at A Worse Time

Emily and Kobe met in China, and after a long wait, for his visa to be issued, he was eventually able to join Emily in China from her native Cameroon. It’s been a difficult adjustment for him and Emily because of their differing parenting approaches and financial condition. Kobe advises Emily to stop using birth control because he says he knows other women who went on birth control and then had difficulty conceiving when they took off it, even though the pair agrees that now is not the best time to have another child. In the next paragraphs, he outlined the previous strategies he had tried to avoid the current circumstance.

In front of the cameras, as Emily stares in disbelief, he confesses, “When we started, I freaked out, and then you told me you have this application on your phone, ‘I’m just not ovulating.'”

If she gets pregnant, Kobe tells her he doesn’t know how he’ll manage with his family because they’re living with their father. Nevertheless, Emily maintains that she is under pressure because she is unable to work legally at this time.

When it comes to having children, “I’d like to have a lot of them,” she says. “It’s not the proper time,” she says. My parents still live in their basement, and we’re not even married yet.” In addition, my father has only one rule for my sister and me: we are not to become pregnant.

An Apparently Shell-Shocked Kobe Agrees

"90 Day Fiancé": Emily May Be Pregnant Again, and It Couldn't Come at A Worse Time

Trying to find out how we’re going to work as a team… he admits that he is unable to provide for his family because of his lack of money. As a result, “I have no idea how we are going to deal with Emily being pregnant right now.”

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