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When Will Charles Become King: What Will Prince Charles Be Called Now He’s King?

Prince Charles has been crowned monarch. When his mother, Queen Elizabeth, passed away today at the age of 96, Charles automatically became the monarch. In the same way that Queen Elizabeth became ruler at the death of her father, King George VI, so too does King Charles become monarch with the death of his father.

Over the course of the previous year, Charles had assumed more responsibility for his sick mother. He filled in for her at the Easter Maundy Service, Remembrance Sunday Service, and Commonwealth Day Service, and he inaugurated parliament for the first time in May.

It will be up to Charles, like it was for his mother, to choose his regnal name. Elizabeth has returned to using her birth name, and Charles is expected to do the same. According to the BBC, Charles will be crowned King Charles III, albeit the date of his coronation remains unknown.

The reign of King Charles II as Prince of Wales was the longest of any British monarch. Since his eldest son, Prince William, is clearly next in line for the throne, he will need to be officially named Prince of Wales. Even so, it’s expected that Prince William will be given the title of Prince of Wales and that Kate Middleton will be named Princess of Wales, the same titles held by William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

This summer, when in Cardiff, Wales for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, a royal fan told Kate, “You’re going to make a fantastic Princess of Wales.” Kate responded, “That’s really sweet. I’m in good hands,” nodding to her husband.

When Will He Become King?

when will charles become king

Following the death of the queen, Charles became King instantly. The next step is for him to settle on a regnal name, which may or may not be King Charles. Some previous kings chose names linked with powerful prior monarchs, while others used a middle name or a variation of their given name. As he was given the full name Charles Philip Arthur George at his birth in November 1948, Charles is free to use any of these names, or choose a new one.

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The Accession Council

When the Accession Council meets at St. James’s Palace, Charles will be proclaimed king as quickly as feasible. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, as well as the high commissioners of realm Commonwealth countries, will join the members of the Privy Council in being called to attend this emergency meeting.

The Declaration and Oath

when will charles become king

After the proclamation, Charles will swear an oath to protect the Church of Scotland by reading a declaration. This oath, also known as an accession declaration, is taken during the upcoming State Opening of Parliament and serves as a promise to continue the historically Protestant line of succession.

The new monarch will be proclaimed in a public ceremony at St. James’s Palace in London, as well as at many other places in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.

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When Will the Coronation Take Place?

The period of mourning required and the extensive planning involved mean that Charles’ coronation will not take place for several months after his accession. For the past 900 years, the Archbishop of Canterbury has led the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. There will be prime ministers, religious leaders, prominent citizens from the Commonwealth, and delegates from other countries at this event.

During the ritual, Charles will take the coronation oath, promising to uphold the law, to reign with justice and kindness, and to support the Church of England. Next, the Archbishop will have him sit in King Edward’s chair and “anoint, bless, and consecrate” him. After receiving Holy Communion, Charles will be crowned with St. Edward’s Crown and presented with the ceremonial orb and scepters.

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