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Actress Anne Heche’s Son Allegedly Reveals Her Wealth Before Her Death

Anne Heche’s eldest son apparently spoke about how much the late actress’ inheritance is worth.

According to court records obtained by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, Homer Laffoon claims that Heche passed away with almost $400,000 in cash.

Laffoon reportedly stated in the filing, “my best estimate on the worth of all [Heche’s] personal property is $400,000.”

Homer Laffoon allegedly stated that mom Anne Heche left behind around $400,000 when she passed away.

He also claims that “the probable worth of the annual revenue from all the estate’s property is roughly $400,000,” which is the same amount he expects to get through royalties and residuals.

Also, Laffoon, 20, allegedly disclosed that his mother did not own a home and instead resided in an apartment, claiming in the form that she “did not have any stake in real property at the time of her death.”

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Laffoon also provided the court with a list of what the actress was said to own at the time of her death, which included a few small bank accounts, royalty payments and other income, an interest in an LLC related to her podcast, and his mother’s share of future profits from her memoir, “Call Me Anne,” which is scheduled for publication next year.

Since Heche’s death on August 12 at the age of 53, Laffoon, Heche’s ex-husband Coleman Laffoon’s co-parent, has been fighting Heche’s ex-boyfriend James Tupper for ownership of the actress’ inheritance.

In the beginning, Homer petitioned to be named executor of the estate, arguing that he is “the person with the highest priority of appointment” and that he is “legally entitled to appointment as administrator.”

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He sought the court to name him and his younger half-brother, Atlas Tupper, Heche, and James’ 13-year-old son, as their mother’s sole heirs and to designate him as Atlas’ guardian.

Since Heche passed away on August 12, Laffoon has been at war with her ex-husband, James Tupper, over her fortune.

James, age 57, has argued against this, stating that Heche instructed him to utilize his assets to raise her children and then leave them to her children in an email received in January 2011.

In addition, he asked to be appointed as Atlas’ legal guardian, claiming that he is his son’s “father and only living parent.” He said, “As a father, I want the best for both Homer and Atlas.”

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