Cannabis Free Cigarettes

Cannabis Free Cigarettes: Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Free Cigarettes!

Unlike regular CBD pre-rolls, CBD cigarettes fall somewhere in the middle. Hemp-filled cigarettes don’t include any tobacco or nicotine, but they do contain enough CBD to give you a soothing high that lasts for one to two hours after smoking. A lovely sense of serenity to help you get through the day, and they look like a cigarette, so you don’t stick out too much too, are the main benefits of using e-cigs.

What Are Hemp (CBD) Cigarettes?

cannabis free cigarettes

Contrary to popular belief, the substance that goes into hemp cigarettes has no flavor or aroma. Industrial hemp or high CBD strains of smokable hemp are the only options; no tobacco is used.

These cigarettes contain trace levels of THC, but the legal limit of 0.3 percent is too low to cause intoxication. CBD cigarettes pose the same risk of failing a drug test that you would if you were using any other CBD product, including full-spectrum CBD.

If you’re not concerned about drug testing and you’re seeking a smokable alternative to tobacco cigarettes, these could be a good option. ‘ In terms of sensation, form factor, and even calming impact, they are very similar to one other. The dangers of smoking include the inhalation of carcinogens and toxins like carbon monoxide. Cigarettes made from hemp CBD are not safe to inhale. However, some studies suggests that using CBD may help you stop smoking cigarettes by lessening your cravings for nicotine. Try some of the best-quality hemp cigarettes on the market if you think smoking CBD can benefit you.

To avoid smoking, but yet wish to vape smokable CBD, there is an option for you. THC oil is only suitable for the use of marijuana pens, whereas portable vaporizers can be used with any type of marijuana flower.

What is CBD Cigarettes Good For?

As a replacement for tobacco, hemp cigarettes are the primary focus. Now they’re being sold as “CBD cigarettes” because hemp provides the numerous well-known health advantages of CBD without the addictive and hazardous chemicals present in tobacco. A similar argument can be made for vaping, but for others, hemp may represent a happy medium.

From start to finish, the experience is like smoking a cigarette. In the same cardboard box, you can pack as much as you like. It’s still possible to remove the foil piece, and the filters are the same as before. They can also be acquired lawfully online and in a wide variety of locations.

You won’t get high from a hemp cigarette, nor will you get the same flavor as a joint stuffed with top-grade marijuana. Because hemp is essentially low-THC cannabis, it does have a weedy scent. Hemp cigarettes may be the answer if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to regular cigarettes.

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Pros and Cons of Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes aren’t for everyone, but if you’re at the right place right now, they could be just what you need. Hemp cigarettes have both pros and cons, as you can see in the following list. It’s possible that some of these don’t apply to you, but it’s still worth thinking about.


  • Provide a true cigarette experience
  • Come in packs of 20 with filters
  • Don’t require any rolling experience
  • Natural source of cannabidiol
  • Not addictive like tobacco
  • No harmful added chemicals
  • Federally legal (as of 2018)
  • Contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Easy transition from traditional cigarettes


  • Made with industrial hemp (not trimmed buds)
  • Not the highest cannabinoid and terpene content
  • They produce a faint weed smell
  • I May have added flavors
  • Might not satisfy your nicotine cravings
  • Not as widely available as tobacco cigarettes

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What’s Inside of A CBD Cigarette?

cannabis free cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are likely to be made with industrial hemp. This isn’t the neon green goo encrusted with crystals and hairs you’re thinking of. Industrial hemp has a golden brown or slightly green tint and resembles tobacco more than industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is if you’re familiar with marijuana, the “brick weed” of hemp. It’s not really eye-catching, but it serves the job. Instead of using tobacco, users can enjoy the health benefits of CBD. CBD pre-rolls with up to five times more cannabinoids and terpenes are the greatest option if you want the most potent smoking.